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The 5 Things You Need to Start Recording Music 

Hey, friend! TGIF! Need help recording music? You're going to need these 5 things. 


1. Instrument of choice - Whether that's your voice, guitar, or piano, you're going to need these things to record. 

2. Microphone - I highly recommend the Blackout Spark SL. It is an AMAZING microphone. Anything made by Blue Yeti is good. 

3. Audio interface and Cables - An audio interface connects your microphone and instrument to your laptop or computer. Cables are important too. Can't use the interface without the…

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How to Play Piano Without Learning Music Theory 

Hey, friend! Are you wanting to learn how to play piano, but you're having trouble with reading music? No worries! Here are some tips on how to play piano without learning music theory.


  • Listen to the song you want to play and match the sounds up. For example, I taught myself how to play "He's A Pirate" from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack. I listened to each note and lined it up on the piano by listening for the same sound. This takes some time, but it's a sure fire way of learning how to…
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The Top 10 Careers in the Music Business 

Hey, friend! Are you struggling trying to find out what career in music business you want? I found this great article from Berklee on the top 10 careers in the music business. I'm going to listen them below. Hope this helps!


1. Music Producer

2. Recording Engineer

3. Session Musician

4. Artist Manager

5. Tour Manager

6. Music Teacher

7. Booking Agent

8. Music Publicist

9. Composer

10. Music Arranger


If you'd like to dive deeper into these careers, check out the article from Berklee. 


Need help…

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4 Things to Remember When Your Passion for Music Wanes 

Hey, friend! I know sometimes it can be hard to keep the love for music alive, but I wanted to encourage you with these 4 things that you should remember. I hope this helps you. 

1. Music is a communal activity - Don't get me wrong. Music can be a private affair, but overall, it's meant to be shared by everyone. Music is the universal language of people - kind of like love, but not as deep.

2. Music can be healing - Maybe the reason why your passion for music is waning is because you're not allowing…

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How to Sing High Notes Like a Boss 

Hey, friend! Ever wondered how you can sing high notes effortlessly? I have some tips on how to sing high notes and sing them like a boss. First things first, however: If you are not a soprano, do NOT try to sing outside of your range. You will jack up your vocal chords. Okay? Okay. Let's get started.

The first way to sing high notes like a boss is to not even see them as "high notes." They're just notes. All you're doing is singing them. You're not reaching up to get them. They're just the same as singing…

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5 Things Only Musicians Would Understand 

Hey, friend! TGIF!! Today, I wanted to do something fun and light, so I'm going to be talking about five things that only musicians would understand.


Musicians understand...

  • Spending long nights working on music
  • Hearing a word or phrase that instantly reminds you of a song... and you're soooo tempted to sing it
  • Noticing after a song ends and another begins that they're both in the same key (Am I alone in this?)
  • Avoiding dairy and soda before a performance (For my singers in the house)
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How to Be a Confident and Successful Musician 

Hey, friend! Today, I'm going to talk about how to become a confident and successful musician. I teach my clients how to do this in depth, so if you want to go deeper in this, sign up for a FREE consultation! Okay, let's get started.

Becoming a confident and successful musician starts with your mindset. Mindset is basically what you believe about yourself, others, and the world. When you have a good mindset, you're able to see the good in all three categories. The opposite is true when you have a bad…

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7 Ways to Inspire Yourself to Write Music 

Hey, friend! This blog post is kind of like a companion post to my previous one about getting unstuck when it comes to songwriting. I'm going to talk about 7 ways you can inspire yourself to write songs and/or music. Ready? Let's do it!


1. Remove clutter from your workspace - Research states decluttering improves focus, increases productivity, and helps the brain process information better. I'm preaching to myself and to you. Straighten up a bit and you'll be surprised with how much easier it is to think.

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10 Quotes from Successful Musicians That Will Inspire You to Take Action 

Hey, friend! I know that pursuing a music career can be a challenge, so I wanted to encourage you with some quotes from some successful musicians. I hope they encourage you not to give up on your dreams!

  • “Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” - Ray Charles

  • “You have to, take a deep breath. and allow the music to flow through you. Revel in it, allow yourself to awe. When you play allow the music to break your heart with its beauty.”  -

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How to Warm Up Your Voice in 5 Minutes or Less 

Hey, friend! Warming up is such an important aspect to singing. It could be damaging to your voice if you don't do it. Here are some easy ways you can warm up in five minutes or less. Let's get into it.

1. Jump around and get your heart racing - No lie. This is a great way to warm up and wake up your voice. Your vocal chords are a muscle. When you get the heart racing and blood pumping, it helps loosen up your vocal muscles. 

2. Drink some tea or a warm beverage - The warmth from the tea or hot beverage…

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