4 Things to Remember When Your Passion for Music Wanes

Hey, friend! I know sometimes it can be hard to keep the love for music alive, but I wanted to encourage you with these 4 things that you should remember. I hope this helps you. 

1. Music is a communal activity - Don't get me wrong. Music can be a private affair, but overall, it's meant to be shared by everyone. Music is the universal language of people - kind of like love, but not as deep.

2. Music can be healing - Maybe the reason why your passion for music is waning is because you're not allowing yourself to write or perform music that hits a pain point in your heart. Allow music to heal you. Go there with it. Allow yourself to feel.

3. Music is not just a tool, but a way to promote self-expression and creativity - Kind of like the statement above, allow music to not only heal, but give you permission to be yourself. Remove the walls and masks. Just allow yourself to be seen by God and others.

4. Music is a lifelong journey - Especially concerning your music career, this is a critical truth to embrace. You won't become successful overnight (If you do, I want to know how you did it. Lol). All things take time, so enjoy the journey. The destination will come. 

I really hope this helps. Comment below which statement resonated with you.



Much Love, 



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