The 5 Things You Need to Start Recording Music

Hey, friend! TGIF! Need help recording music? You're going to need these 5 things. 


1. Instrument of choice - Whether that's your voice, guitar, or piano, you're going to need these things to record. 

2. Microphone - I highly recommend the Blackout Spark SL. It is an AMAZING microphone. Anything made by Blue Yeti is good. 

3. Audio interface and Cables - An audio interface connects your microphone and instrument to your laptop or computer. Cables are important too. Can't use the interface without the proper cables.

4. Laptop or Computer - You will need either one to use a DAW to record.

5. DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) - There are tons of them out there. Pro Tools is the one I use. A DAW allows you to record and mix your songs. 


Need help figuring out how to get these things? Check out my blog post where I talk about my gear. It's literally called "My Gear."


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