How to Play Piano Without Learning Music Theory

Hey, friend! Are you wanting to learn how to play piano, but you're having trouble with reading music? No worries! Here are some tips on how to play piano without learning music theory.


  • Listen to the song you want to play and match the sounds up. For example, I taught myself how to play "He's A Pirate" from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack. I listened to each note and lined it up on the piano by listening for the same sound. This takes some time, but it's a sure fire way of learning how to play without reading music.
  • Search on YouTube for piano players and watch how they play. Watch their hands and where each finger is landing on the keys. Imitate their movements. I watched someone play "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last and was able to imitate them and learn the song without any sheet music.


Which tip was the most helpful? Post in the comments!


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