New Prospects

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Saturday!! How are you? I'm doing well. I have a lot of cool stuff happening right now. I'm going to have my own podcast!! I'm so excited! I'm partnering with this awesome guy named Neil Haley. He has his own radio show and everything. I'm so pumped. He interviews celebrities. I'm going to have celebrities on my show talking about their experiences with Lyme disease. It's gonna be so cool!

My Kickstarter campaign has reached $1,081!! I'm so excited. I'm hoping to reach my goal of $6,000 soon. We'll see what happens. I'm encouraged either way. God's will be done. 

I might be looking at applying for individual grants and seeking sponsorships from organizations for Lyme disease. I'm excited. I know a few people in my church that can help me with that. 

I'm still waiting for DAW and some literary agents to get back to me. I'm hopeful that one of them will take on The Mutates. I hope you guys have been enjoying the excerpts I've been sharing. It means a lot to me that you guys have been reading them.

What're your plans for today? Post in the comments! I'm doing my blog post, practicing my music, writing a bit, and visualizing my successes. I hope your day is relaxing and at the same time, productive.

Love you! I'll see you next Tuesday for another excerpt! 


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