Warning! Doing These 4 Things Could Be Ruining Your Music Career

Hey, friend! Some habits can be defined as effective and some can be defined as ineffective. If you're doing either of these 4 ineffective habits, you could be ruining your music career. Yikes! Let's get right to it.  

  • Smoking or Vaping - This is a BIG no-no if you're a singer. You are literally altering your vocal chords - and not in a good way. Please refrain from smoking cigarettes, cigars, pot, and whatever else is out there to smoke. You are killing your voice and ultimately, your career as a singer.
  • Laziness/Lack of Discipline - It's important to be disciplined with your time, your money, and your craft. Laziness kills any dream. (Pro Tip: Make your habits attractive and give yourself rewards in order to grow in discipline.) 
  • Comparing Your Music Journey to Others - Everyone's journey is different. We can't all be overnight successes. Things take time, effort, and as mentioned before, discipline. Your time will come when it comes. Comparing only makes you jealous and discontented with your journey. You could very easily quit. Please don't quit.
  • Complaining - When you're not grateful, you are literally getting yourself into "stinking thinking." Negativity can also kill a dream. Complaining doesn't help you grow. As my dad always said, "You either get bitter or better." Choose better. Be grateful. (Pro Tip: Get a journal and record what you're grateful for everyday.)

Do you find yourself struggling with any of these things? Comment below. I know the struggle is real. Things happen, but please, please don't make these things a part of your daily routine. You will NOT make it in the music business if you continue these things. 


Much Love, 


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