Limbo Land

Hey, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun. Mine was sort of. I was at a Bible discussion on Friday, did nothing on Saturday, and had church and then a rehearsal on Sunday. A few friends and I are planning on doing a special song or two for church. It should be pretty exciting and hopefully encouraging. 

How are you today? I feel like I'm in Limbo Land. Not really feeling terrible, but not feeling too good either. I think Lyme and my meds are causing some nightmares. It's been rough trying to get some good sleep lately. I hope your dreams are pleasant and peaceful. 

I probably won't write as much today as I did last week. There's not too much to report, except that I had group and individual therapy. It was nice to reconnect with the folks in the group on Monday and I had a productive session with my therapist today. We're working through a book called Love Is A Choice. Have you heard of it? It's a great read for those that struggle with codependency. I highly recommend it and the accompanying workbook. It's made me realize I really need to work on my relationships. I have a hard time connecting with others, even though I'm surrounded by people all the time. Thankfully, I'll be working on making new friends with my therapist soon. 

How about you? How are your friendships? Do you feel connected to people? What helps you stay connected? Comment below please. I'd love to glean from your wisdom. 

I think I'm going to chill now. I'm pretty sleepy. I hope you have a lovely evening. I'll see you on Thursday! <3

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