3 Amazing Tips If You're Just Starting Your Music Career... And You're Broke

Hey, friend! So, you want to start your career as a musician. You have the passion, the talent, and the resiliency to pursue your dreams. There's just one problem. You're broke. I get it. It's rough in these streets. But never fear! Peyton is here! And I have 3 great ways of starting out as a musician that cost little to no money. 

1. Research

This first one is crucial. Not doing it is like getting in your car and driving without a GPS when you know you have no idea where you're going. Research those that have gone before you and are successful musicians. See how they got started, learn from their mistakes, and plan accordingly. Find resources - like this article - for musicians that are just starting out and see what the common denominator is. 

2. Online Networking

Introverts might be hissing and cringing at this suggestion while the extroverts rejoice, but this is a great thing to do even when you're an established artist. Build those connections. Find other likeminded artists and see how you can help each other succeed. As cliché as it is, teamwork makes the dream work, right? We all have strengths and weaknesses. Those that we meet online or in-person (when the pandemic ends) can make up for what you lack.  

3. Livestreaming

Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, Instagram, and YouTube are all great platforms to showcase your talent and skills. And they're all FREE! All you've got to do is have an account. (Out of all these, Twitch is my favorite for livestreaming, but that's just me.) Livestreaming is such a great way to put your name out there and start building a following. 


Which of these steps seem like they might help you? Comment below! 


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