Twenty Ninth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

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Okay, here's the next chapter of The Mutates. We're getting super close to the end. Enjoy!


...The Mutates... 


Leaving behind Bran, TJ, and Vin was hard, but we had to rescue our parents from Herman. We raced through the night sky, too angry for words. Snarls and hisses rang out from us as we flew. 
“Get ready!” Tyler barked, leading the way. 
“I’m gonna kill that psychotic scientist!” Samy roared in response. 
Andy took my hand. “Be careful not to lose yourself in your frenzy, Lola. Mom and Dad will be there.” 
“I know!” I growled, snatching my hand back. “You don’t have to tell me.” 
“Just making sure,” he sighed. 
“Focus, guys, there they are,” Tyler said, pointing to the opening in the trees. 
I could see Mom and Dad being held captive by Elana’s men. A fierce growl escaped me. 
Randall was looking up at us as we approached, a sinister smile on his face. “There they are,” he hissed, taking in our angry expressions. There was something different about him as we made to land. He was no longer the psychotic, but gentle scientist we knew. There was something lethal about him. 
We landed a safe distance away from him. We hissed and growled angrily, but didn’t move. We were careful not to get our parents tased. The look on their faces will forever be stapled in my mind.  
“RANDALL!!!!” Tyler bellowed, baring his fangs. 
“Tyler?” his dad said softly, sounding unsure of himself. A look of recognition and disbelief ran across his eyes. Tyler must’ve spoken to him. Anger flashed in his eyes then. “What have you done to my son?” he seethed, glaring at Randall. 
Randall barked out a disturbing laugh before saying, “May I present to you: The Mutates!” His hands extended out to us like we were his masterpieces. It made me sick to my stomach. 
A fire was growing stronger in my core. I started trembling. I could’ve gone into my frenzy any second. Andy placed a hand on my shoulder. 
“Keep it together,” he murmured. 
“I’m trying,” I hissed through clenched teeth. 
“I’m so happy to see you, my little ones,” Randall went on bitterly. “You’re right on time.” 
“Let them go, Randall!” Samy seethed, crouching slightly. 
“Samantha,” Randall chuckled darkly, “you know better than to threaten your father now, don’t you?” 
“YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!!!!” She roared, trembling from wing to foot. 
“You wanted us. We’re here now. You have no reason to hold onto them,” Andy spoke up. 
“Andy? Samy?” Denise said shakily. 
“Hello, Auntie,” Samy replied, trying her best to keep her voice even. “I’m so sorry you have to see me like this.”  
“You did this to our children?! You monster!!” Mom yelled, fighting against the man that held her. Time froze as I watched her get tased. Her scream was chilling. 
“MOM!!!” I cried, fighting against my brother. I was so close to succumbing to the frenzy.  
“Now, now, Cara,” Randall chided, raising a hand to stop the soldier from harming her. 
“I’LL KILL YOU!! I PROMISE I’LL KILL YOU!!!” I screeched. 
“You see what you’ve done, Cara? Andrew, control your wife, won’t you? You’re upsetting the children.” Randall waved at them dismissively. He tilted his head slightly as he glowered at me. “Lola,” he said dangerously, “don’t make promises you can’t keep, dear.” His eyes turned catlike. 
An unsettling fear coursed through me. The fire in me started dying almost immediately. 
“You didn’t…” Tyler breathed. 
“Didn’t what, son?” Randall asked, a dangerous gleam in his catlike eyes.  
“You experimented on yourself,” Andy said shocked. 
“Is that so surprising? I wanted to create my own species and lead them to glory. I couldn’t possibly do that as a puny human now, could I?” In an instant, he morphed into a lionlike mutate. His mane flowed regally around his catlike face. He stood like he was king. He extended his wings on either side of him leisurely and gave us a wolfish grin. 
We were stunned at his overwhelming presence. It was clear who the strongest was. His muscles rippled from his slightest movement. No one could speak for a moment as we took in his solid frame.

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