Twenty Fifth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Tuesday!! Can you believe that this is the 25th excerpt of The Mutates?? Wow!! I can hardly believe it. Thanks so much for reading as always. How are you doing today? I'm doing really well. A lot of cool things are happening right now. I talked with my therapist today and she's been really proud of my progress. I had this idea about depression that she thought was profound. I had said that depression was counterintuitive. Isn't it though? It goes against what is. I just thought that was interesting.

Alright, here's the next chapter of The Mutates. Enjoy!


...The Perfect Specimen for My Aching Heart... 


My love… He was so heartbroken over those children. He adored them with all of his heart. So did I. We would gush over them constantly, envisioning all that they could do with their gifts. We knew the world would be in awe of them. He was always so attentive to them, pushing them to be their best. He truly fathered them. I stood alongside him as their proud mother. Our dream was within our grasp. They were our proof. 
But then they betrayed us. They broke my darling’s heart. It was nearly unforgivable. How could they be so ungrateful? We gave them the most beautiful gift any parent could give their children.  
“It doesn’t matter now,” I sighed, watching my love slumber in the teal liquid. He had gone silent only a moment before. “We’ll deal with them in time.” I regularly checked the screen, trying to assure myself that he was fine. His contorted face didn’t soothe my anxiety. “It will be over soon, my love,” I said, hoping that somehow he could hear me. 
This process was different than it was for us – the children and I. We had both agreed that three to four weeks was too long, so we created an enzyme that sped up the process… I could only hope that the pain would end soon. With the enzyme, we predicted that his transformation would only take four days. 
Day two was just ending. 
Day three was grueling. Being unconscious didn’t seem to help alleviate any of the pain he was experiencing. I watched my beloved grit his teeth as his features changed. I was gritting my teeth as well.  
“Almost there,” I breathed. “Almost there.”  
By the late afternoon, he was a lion – regal and deadly. He was a sight to behold. The muscles under his fur were intimidating. I shivered in anticipation. 
Day four finally arrived. His wings were beautiful. Randall was partial to the griffon vulture. I could understand why. The wrists, patagia, and coverts were chocolate in color while the primary feathers were cobalt black. By nightfall, the liquid started draining and the tubes piercing his skin gently set him on the ground. As I approached to take him to his room, he came to with a jolt.  
“Randall?!” I exclaimed, jumping back in surprise. “How could he be awake so soon?” I started to think, but my mind froze as his golden cat eyes bore into me. Adrenaline as thick as honey drove my heart into a frenzy. My breath was ragged and choked. Sweat pushed its way to the surface as if it was trying to escape his eyes. My muscles seized up the way an animal’s would as their death came near. Those eyes… I’d never been so afraid in my whole life. He only stared at me for a few seconds, but the fear those eyes produced made it feel like I was forever trapped under his scrutiny. For those few seconds, I was his prey. Abruptly, his eyes released their hold on me and he puked up some liquid. The only sound for a while was his gasps for air once he was done. I found myself on the floor, trembling uncontrollably. “How did…?” 
His breathing slowed and he lifted his eyes to me again. This time, that suffocating fear didn’t come. There was recognition and tenderness in his gaze. My heart fluttered. He sluggishly started to get up. I forced myself to my feet and made to help him, but he held out his hand to stop me. I watched in awe as he wrestled to his feet. He was majestic, even though he was still adjusting to his mutation. Authority wrapped around him like a robe. His mane framed his head like a crown. His muscles rippled from the slightest movement. The very set of his catlike mouth suggested kingship. There was no denying the power emanating from him. He was the ultimate. 
“The perfect specimen,” I concluded as I took in his features. 
He looked around him slowly, taking in the lab with his new eyes. He examined his talons next, turning his hand over to see every angle. He then looked at his wings, touching them gently with a finger. Finally he turned to me, his eyes nearly glowing. My breath caught. This godlike creature had such an overwhelming presence. Before I knew it, tears were falling down my face. His indiscernible eyes continued to stare. He stood to his full height then, spreading his wings to their farthest reach. With a grace and elegance that came only with royalty, he descended the platform, stirring the air with his mass. He stood, towering over my small frame. Being this close to him made me shiver involuntarily. Was this really my Randall?

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