Twentieth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

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We're at our twentieth excerpt!!! Whoooo!!!! How exciting. How are you enjoying them? Do you like the book? I hope so. I can't wait to publish it for you. I hope to do that this month. Hopefully there won't be any hiccups.

Here's the next chapter. Enjoy!


...On the Road Again: Part Two... 


Hey, this is Brandon Antoine Parker... also known as Bran. It’s my first time writing here. I was pressured by the kids. I’ll just continue the story where we left off, but in my own perspective. Okay... here I go. 
When I came back from my fainting spell (you would faint too if you went through what I did) the first thing that I felt was fur. I thought at first I was laying on a fur rug or something, but then I heard murmuring. I was a little confused. I opened my eyes and I saw... them. I thought for sure it was a dream, but there they were right in front of me... and beside me. The one called Lola had me wrapped in a blanket and her wing. I looked at her and she was smiling at me... or at least it looked like she was smiling. Her fangs made me nervous. I looked at all of them and suddenly I felt reality slap me hard in the face. Everything that had happened was real. Abruptly, a yell came out of my mouth. They all jumped in fear, even Lola. 
“YOU’RE REAL!!! I WASN’T DREAMING!!!” I shouted out my realization in fear, surprise, and almost excitement. Dunno why I felt excited. I was sure I was gonna pee my pants any moment. 
“Hey, Bran, take it easy,” Andy said soothingly. He looked apprehensively to Lola. 
“I made you some tea,” Samy smiled sheepishly, cautiously extending her hand to me. She had a deep blue mug in her hand. The tea smelled lovely. “Would you like some?” 
My throat really hurt and it was so warm in the house I was nearly sweating next to Lola. “Uh, yeah... thanks,” I said, sounding very aloof. As I moved to grab the mug, Lola moved away from me. The absence of her fur and wing made the room seem a tad cooler, but it was still nice and warm. As I took the tea, I looked up and saw the holes in the roof. A pang of anxiety made adrenaline course through me. I tried to ignore it as I sipped the tea. It was delicious. “Wow... thanks, Samy. This is really good. Thank you.” ... Can you believe that Tyler just called me Co-Poet Lord? He is one special kid. 
“You’re welcome. We tried to clean up around here. Ty swept,” she smiled, pointing at the panther guy who smiled. 
“Thanks... Ty. That’s very nice of all of you,” I grinned at them. They weren’t bad for some... mutates. 
Andy’s expression changed as he looked at Lola. He looked worried. He looked back at me quickly saying, “Can you help her, Bran? She’s in pain.” 
I totally forgot she had a bullet in her neck still. “Oh my God, hold on a sec, Lola. I’ll get my first-aid kit. Hopefully, there are some tweezers in there or something.” Placing the tea down, I got up from the couch as fast as I could and stumbled through the dark up to my personal bathroom. Fortunately, there were no windows so I didn’t have to worry about being detected as I turned on the light and looked under the sink for supplies. I found tweezers and the kit and raced downstairs to help the injured girl. I was getting used to seeing them as mutates already. “Okay, here we go,” I said as I came beside Lola. She had scooted over so that I could reach her better. She looked uncomfortable. With tweezers in hand, I slowly reached her neck. “Lola,” I said cautiously, bending around to see her face. Her eyes looked childish despite the animal way they gleamed. “I have to warn you this may hurt... a lot. Can I trust you not to, ya know, kill me?” My heart skipped a beat at the thought. 
“I would never hurt you, Bran,” she said so softly and kind. She smiled at me. I heard someone snicker, maybe Tyler. 
“She might need something in her mouth to keep her from hurting herself,” Samy said. “Do you have anything we can use?” 
“Uh,” I tried to think quickly, “yeah, paper plates in the kitchen.” Before I got a chance to tell her where they were, she was already in the kitchen looking. She came back quickly with three or four plates rolled up. 
“Lo, put this between your teeth,” she instructed, handing her the plates. Lola did as she was told, but she looked scared. Tyler and Samy took her hands. “You’re gonna be just fine, honey. Just breathe.” 
“We’re right here, Lo. Just squeeze our hands, okay? We’re here for you,” he said soothingly, giving her hand a squeeze. He looked at me and gave me a nod. 
I was so caught up in their emotions that I had a delayed reaction. “Right. Okay, Lola, I’ll try to be as gentle as I can.” She gave me a short nod. I looked at her neck and felt burning rage. It infuriated me that Elana did this to her. It infuriated me that she planned on killing me and poor Lola chose to save me. She didn’t deserve that. I tried to control myself as I started to pry the bullet out of her skin. Adrenaline rushed through me as she hissed and I heard the plates being crushed under her powerful jaw. Tyler and Samy tried to calm her with soft words. Andy looked heartbroken as he watched his sister suffer. I felt so bad. I tried to be as careful as possible. After a few minutes, I managed to pull the bullet out. There was a deep scar on her neck. “Okay, it’s out,” I sighed as I placed the bullet on the table. Blood was started to ooze from her wound the tiniest bit. It was a horrible sight to see.

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