Twelfth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday! How are you? I'm doing okay. I finally had a nice sleep last night. I'm looking forward to the weekend. My church is having a big conference in VA. Mom and I are going. I'm so excited! What are your plans for the weekend? Post in the comments!

Anyways, here's the next chapter of The Mutates. I hope you enjoy! I'll see you on Saturday. <3


...Lions and Bears: Part Two... 


Here we were walking through the woods with two grizzlies that Lola decided to name Gage and Casca. I don’t know where she got the names from, but secretly, I think they’re pretty cool. Gage was the one with dark paws apparently and Casca was the one that wags his stubby tail a lot. Lola loved em and throughout our entire journey, all I could hear was her talking to them and laughing.  
“Hey!” I barked, turning to look at all three of them. The bears had some personality in em so they looked at me with puzzling looks on their faces. It was funny how Lola made the same faces they did. “Oh, don’t give me that look, guys. Ya mind keeping it down? Some people want to focus on getting outta here.”  
Casca’s eyes were all filled with apologies while Gage made some weird guttural laugh and humor was shining his eyes.  
“It’s not funny!” I growled, baring my teeth at him. 
“Oh, leave em alone, Ty. You’re just jealous that I’ve found someone cool to talk to,” Lola said as she sat on Gage’s back. 
“Jealous? Me? Are you serious?” I scoffed. “I’m not jealous of some lousy fur balls. They’re nothing but animals.” 
“Takes one to know one,” she replied with a quirky smile. She was real lucky she had her bear friends with her or I would’ve punched her. ... Stupid Lola and her stupid grizzly pals.  
“Ugh, can we just keep moving without so much laughter?” I asked, running a hand through the tiny furs on my head.  
“Alright, black panther, lead the way,” she replied, resting her head against Gage’s head.  
“Stupid cheetah girl,” I muttered as I continued walking ahead of them. Casca made a noise at me. “Well, it’s true! Shut up, Casca!” I barked.  
For the longest time, there was some quiet and it was nice to just hear the sounds of nature. ... Ugh, that sounds so corny. Yeah, but it was real nice. It was warm too. The deer didn’t show up again, but I could hear their light footfalls in the distance to the left of us.  
“Ty?” Lola questioned, shattering all the peace that had existed. ... Ouch! ( This is what I get for opening my mouth too wide.  
“Ya?” I questioned, not bothering to glance back at her. 
“I have to go to the bathroom,” she said nervously.  
“Aw, are you serious?” I asked, stopping to look at her and her humongous friends.  
“Yeah,” she smiled all embarrassed like, slightly biting her catlike lips.  
“Alright, well hurry up or I’m leaving without you and kidnapping your friends,” I threatened as she hopped off of Gage’s back and scampered into the bushes.  
“Don’t bother my bears,” she replied while she scuffled about in the bush. 
Gage and Casca made a longing kinda noise and made to follow her. I got in front of em saying, “Hey, she needs to use the little girl’s bush, alright? You’re gonna have to wait like the rest of us.” Almost like a human, they pouted and sat down submissively. Thank Andy, Samy, and Lola for the big words. ( I walked away from them and towards the trees on the other side of the trail we were on. I was not interested in listening to a mutate go to the bathroom. “Hurry up, Lo, we needa go!” I called out after a while. 
“Whoa...” I heard her murmur and I knew that she wasn’t going to the bathroom. I raced towards where I heard her, followed by the anxious bears. We ran through the thin layer of trees and reached a slight opening. There weren’t any trees hear cuz the floor changed from soil to rock. We found Lola gazing up at a cliff that seemed to stretch up for miles. 
“Whoa is right,” I murmured, gazing up at the rigid wall of gray. “I think there’s a door up there,” I said, narrowing my eyes upon a ledge slightly diagonal from us that looked like it led inside the cliff. “I think we should climb it.” 
“What about Gage and Casca?” Lola asked worriedly, glancing back at the grizzlies. 
“What about em? We can’t bring them with us. They’re too friggin big,” I said, laying a hand in their direction while my attention was to Lola. A wet thing scraped against my palm and I whirled around to see Casca licking me. “Ew, Casca, that’s disgusting!” I cried, wiping my now wet fur on the wall of the rock.  
“They like you even though you’re mean to em,” she giggled, wrapping her arms around the bear’s neck. It nuzzled her and licked her cheek. “See?” she said after a laugh. 
“That’s so gross,” I said, grimacing. I totally did not want the fur balls with us. They were too... big for my taste.  
“I bet they could climb this wall,” Lola said, gazing up at the cliff. She gazed into Casca’s eyes for a moment. Casca made a fearful yelping noise and slightly backed away, shaking his head. “Aw, they’re afraid, Ty. We can’t just leave em here,” Lola said like she was talking about puppies instead of grizzlies. 
“Lola, they are friggin monsters! We’re not taking em with us. We need to get out of here and find your brother and Samy. We have to go,” I said firmly, getting quite annoyed with her infatuation. Thank Andy for that word. 
“Ty, we can’t just leave em here,” she repeated, stroking both their heads. “We have to find another way.” 
“There is no other way!” I seethed. “Leave your stupid bears behind and let’s go!” 
“No!” she snarled at me, hissing. The bears recoiled against her furious protest. “If you wanna climb the wall, go ahead. I’m staying with them to keep them safe.” 
“Lola, they are bears! And not just any bears, but grizzlies! They don’t need protection. Look at them! They’re friggin huge! Let them go!” 
“No!” she barked sharply before turning away from me and heading back into the woods. “Gage, Casca, let’s go.” I dunno if they truly understood what she said but like obedient dogs, they turned to follow her.  
“Lola!” I bellowed, my roar echoing against the rocks. A low rumbling sounded from within the wall and chunks of rock started plummeting to the ground. “Whoa!” I cried, dodging the shower of rock. I dashed for the trees.

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