Thirteenth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Tuesday! How are you doing? I'm okay myself. I'm still dealing with this potential sinus infection. I'm excited for tonight though. I have another radio interview! Please pray that it goes well. 

Okay, here's the next chapter in The Mutates. I hope you enjoy!


...Creepy Llamas and the Beast... 


When Samy and I left the place that tortured us, we found ourselves in some kind of... oasis. There seemed to be no roof and there was warm sand under our feet. It seemed like we had ventured into some kind of desert room. There were hills of sand everywhere. It almost looked like the wallpaper you find on some laptops, but there was no moon in the background. Whatever this room was, it stretched on for miles just like the room before.  
“Where are we?” Samy asked, walking us toward the oasis. We were still in each other’s arms.  
“I don’t know,” I murmured, examining the area around us. There didn’t seem to be anyone other than us by this oasis. Something sweet filled my nostrils and nothing else mattered. I needed to eat whatever that was. “Do you smell that?” I asked nearly drooling as I let her go and walked to the trees. “It smells good.” 
“Yeah, it does,” she agreed, following close behind. The trees seemed to block out everything else and we were surrounded by trunks and leaves. There was a pool of fresh water and an assortment of different fruits. Samy and I sounded strangled as we forced back our tears and scrambled to the water. We both took big gulps and devoured as many fruits as possible. There were watermelon slices, apples, pears, plums, and even peaches. They tasted so good. It seemed like it had been a while since we had eaten anything. After that, we dipped into the three feet deep water and let our fur cool. It was really refreshing to just lay back and relax our aching backs. I couldn’t tell you how long we stayed there in that water, always on the brink of sleep but never able to fully rest. I couldn’t sleep because I kept seeing my sister falling through the funnel. I felt helpless every time I remembered trying to save her. Then, I kept seeing those buzzards trying to get us and the heat of the lake and how the spouts shot up at us. I kept seeing those tubes and I kept remembering how horrible the pain was when I had lost my humanity for some man’s desires against my will. They were nightmares that I endured without sleep. 
Samy was awake, too. Her eyes didn’t close, hardly even to blink. I can only imagine that her thoughts were focused on the exhausting events of the day. The light from outside the trees actually darkened into a more nightly shade. When that happened, I was glad to see that everything was still visible. I supposed being a mutate helped with seeing in the dark.  
“Should we go now?” I asked, breaking the silence that we had shared for hours it seemed. 
“Yeah, let’s go.” She got to her feet and helped me up. “How’s your back?” 
I flexed my wings and felt the aches, but not as intensely as before. “They hurt still, but not as much. How about yours?” 
“Much better. I’m just about ready to punch Dr. Herman in his face. I’m starting not to like him,” she said distastefully. 
“Trust me the feeling is mutual,” I agreed. I had never been one for violence, but I was prepared to kill him. “Let’s keep going.” We left the protection of the trees and were relieved to feel that the sand had cooled considerably. I’m sure if I were still human, I would have been cold. Desert temperatures tend to change drastically, but the chill felt very nice. We left the oasis and the door behind us and climbed up the hill in our path. When we reached the top, we were stunned to see that the desert transitioned into some kind of woodland area. It stretched on forever and there was rubble in the distance... or so Samy told me.  
“It looks like a mountain or something crumbled and came down all at once. I wonder what happened,” she said, narrowing her eyes to see further. “Beyond that there looks like there’s... Africa.” 
“Africa?” I said incredulously. 
“Yeah, there are just miles of plains and... there’s movement. They could be lions,” she murmured. Her eyesight really fascinated me.  
“If you say so,” I said, sliding down the hill and into the woods. “This place is astonishingly beautiful.” 
“Yeah, it is,” she agreed. She looked around her in a speculative manner as did I. “There are deer here.” 
“You see them up ahead?” 
“Yep. There’s a whole herd of em. Are those...?” she wondered, pausing to squint. “... Whoa.” 
“What’s wrong? What do you see?” I said, tensing up. My body protested a bit against fighting, but I ignored the complaints and looked from Samy to our front. 
“Grizzlies. Big grizzlies,” she said softly. “They’re wandering around. They look like they’re looking for something.” 
“Or someone. Dr. Herman probably trained them to attack us. We should be careful,” I advised. Samy nodded her agreement and we cautiously ventured forth. As we came closer to where she saw the grizzlies, I started to be able to see them, too. They were massive, but they didn’t look like they were searching to kill. They looked like they were searching for loved ones. We were about three yards away from them when one of them looked up and spotted us. It made a happy noise and ran towards us. 

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