The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 9

Hello, friends! I hope you're doing well. Welcome to another snippet from my book! I hope you enjoy!


Backstory: Lola recovers from her bear attack and actually befriends the bears, naming them Gage and Casca. Tyler and Lola come across something even deadlier than bears in the forest... 


“Lola?!” I cried, peering back to look at her. My mouth dropped as I looked up at an... abomination. It was the size of King Kong, but it was not a gorilla. Its eyes were red like blood and its teeth were sharp and yellow. Its spine seemed to have grown and stretched up into its back. It had no fur, but it was a mixture of a dog and a cat. Its skin looked almost human in a sense. It had a massive black collar on its neck with spikes that had pierced the skin. Blood trickled where the spikes indented into its throat. Drool cascaded down its jaws like rain. A membrane like a wing was attached to its sides and its elbows. Where paws would normally be, there were claws like what we had. Apparently, Dr. Herman mixed it with some kind of bat. Murder was written on its face. “... Oh my God...” I breathed. Fear twisted every part of my stomach in horrible ways and I nearly threw up on Casca. The creature was so ugly and scary that I could literally smell the fear radiating from all of us. It was nerve racking. It seemed like Casca and Gage weren’t even running fast enough. The monster wasn’t even running. With every step it took towards us, the ground would splinter and shards of wood would burst from a tree it had slightly stepped on. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life... besides a rabid raccoon. 

“PLEASE, RUN FASTER!!!” Lola cried. I could smell the tears pouring down her face. 

Gage made a yelping growling noise and he struggled to please her and increase his pace. Casca followed his actions. Far ahead, there was a rather large hole in the ground that looked slightly like a burrow. 

“Guys, aim for the hole!” I ordered. “We can hide in there!” 

“Please, hurry!” Lola screeched in fear. 

The monster behind us roared so loud that it made sonic waves and caused the bears to topple over. Everything was blurry as we sailed over the bears and landed a couple of yards away from the hole.

“GAGE!!! CASCA!!!” Lola screamed, getting on her feet instantly and running for her friends. 

“LOLA!!!” I cried, snagging her by the arm. “LET EM GO!!” 

“NO!! THEY’LL DIE!!” Lola fought against me. “GAGE!!! CASCA!!!” The bears were tumbling over each other as they scrambled away from the monster. Gage got up and ran, but Casca didn’t have enough time. As I continued to fight against Lola, the monster captured Casca in its teeth. “CASCA!!!!” Lola roared so loud that I had to let her go cuz it hurt my ears so much. 

I watched in horror as the monster made to devour Casca. I couldn’t let that happen. “ARGH!!!” I roared, racing towards the monster.

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