The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 8

Hey, friends! So sorry for the delay. I was not feeling the greatest yesterday. Here is the next snippet of The Mutates!


Backstory: Andy and Samy venture deeper into the facility looking for Tyler and Lola. Another test comes their way.


“Hmmm,” he went, looking around him. He looked at my eyes saying, “Do you see anything?” 

I shook my head and searched around. I didn’t see much, but I could sense some kind of thing was near us. Out of impulse, I let out a snarl. It echoed among the mountains for the longest time. 

Andy looked at me with big eyes, “Why’d you do that for?” 

I shrugged and did it again, veering away from him to see if anything could be seen. There was complete silence, part from our flapping wings. “I guess it’s nothing,” I said, going back to his side. 

“I hope so. I feel like something’s among us, too,” he murmured. 

“I really doubt...” I started to say when a loud screech drowned out my voice. We both turned our heads to see a cloud of birds flying towards us. “Fly faster!” I cried, pumping my wings harder and diving down into the crevices of the mountains. Andy followed, going underneath me and whizzing through cracks that I couldn’t slide into and he was bigger than me. Andy is quite agile. “Don’t leave me!” I pleaded, landing awkwardly on a mountainside. I tried climbing it, but there was hardly a place to safely put my claws. 

“Samy, follow me!” he said, flying by me and grabbing my arm. It stung since that was the one I injured, but I didn’t complain. 

The birds were a mixture of different kinds of vultures and buzzards. I assumed Dr. Herman trained them to attack us so that our skills could be tested. ... I really hate that guy. 

“How are we going to get rid of em?” I asked as I tried to keep up with him. 

“Try and fly places that would be hard for them to fly,” he answered. 

“They’re smaller than us. They can fit where we can!” 

“Roar at them! Scare them off!” I flipped over in midflight and roared as loud as I could at them. They screeched and flew upwards and away for a moment. “Nice job.” 

“Why don’t you help me?” I asked, twisting back on my stomach. 

“Your roar is louder than mine. I’m a snow leopard,” he claimed, running a hand over the side of his face. 

“So? You could still help,” I claimed, turning sideways to slip into the slender crack. “Whoa, that was close.” 

“Is it getting hotter?” he asked, slowing down his flight. The birds weren’t following us anymore. I don’t know where they went off to. 

“It is,” I said, gasping when I saw the reason why. We flew over a long border of mountains and encountered a lake of burning lava. Spouts of the hot liquid spewed out and flew up to a great height. “Holy crap,” I murmured, feeling the same kind of fear I felt in the cell run through me.



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