The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 6

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Backstory: The four teenagers, now mutates, take on a challenge by Dr. Herman.


There were other mirrors around and we slowly found one to use. The first time I saw my mutation, I didn’t know what to say. I was tall or at least taller than I used to be. I was covered in snow leopard fur and my face looked like a leopard’s. My eyes were nearly as gray as lead. My gray wings were a much lighter gray on the inside than on the outside. My tail was bushy and thick behind me, hovering over the floor by an inch or so. I licked my lips and watched as a pink tongue lapped out, reaching over my dark gray catlike nose. There was a hint of blue in my spotted fur. I opened my mouth and saw all four of my fangs. The two on the top were the largest. I was just surprised that such large teeth could fit into my mouth. As I looked at myself, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted. My ears pressed against my head as I finally took myself in. “I’m a freak,” I thought. “God, why did this happen to us?” I turned to see how the others were taking their mutation. 

Samy was looking at her face and her hands with horror written on it. Her wings dropped beside her and I could’ve sworn I saw a tear slide down her cheek. 

Lola was taking her mutation better than all of us, I think. She was calm as she stared at herself, turning every now and then to see the color of her wings. They were beautiful. The outside was mainly a caramel brown with white spots here and there. On the inside, her wing was snow white with flecks of caramel. She was busy eyeing her cheetah face when I came up to her. 

When she noticed me, she smiled and said, “I look... cool.” 

“You think you look cool?” I asked. “I think I look like an abomination.” 

“Amen to that, bro,” Tyler said, joining us. It seemed like he was trying really hard not to look at himself. 

“I can’t believe your mom brought us here for this,” Samy said, still staring in the mirror. 

An angry growl came from him as he said bitterly, “Yeah, don’t remind me.” 

“Well, what’s done is done. We can’t undo this,” I said, looking at them. “Dr. Herman sent us here for a reason. He led us into this place so that we can be challenged.” 

“So, this is a test?” Lola asked, looking at her reflection. 

“He wants us to embrace what we are. I tried to look at my image in the water, but I couldn’t see it very well. Just the shadow of me scared me,” Samy whispered, glancing at us. 

Tyler went beside her and took her hand in his. “It’ll be okay, tigress,” he whispered tenderly. “We’ll find a cure.” 

“There is no cure for this!” she snarled, ripping her hand away from his. “You can’t escape this! We’re stuck like this forever! You heard Ananias! There’s no hope for us!” It had been years since any of them had called me by my full name in front of my face. 

“Samy, getting angry about this won’t help,” Lola said, coming near her and placing her hands on her shoulders. “We have to keep going now.” 

Samy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry I got mad. Let’s just... get out of this mirror room.”

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