The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 5

Hey, friends! Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. Here's the next snippet for The Mutates: The Creation. Enjoy!


Backstory: After the encounter with Elana, the four teenagers find themselves not only trapped, but experimented on. 


“GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” she howled and that’s when she completely lost it. A roar came from her that sounded like some jungle cat and everything about her changed. Her golden eyes shifted to a brighter yellow and she grew fangs. 

“Oh my God!” I cried, cowering away and literally pressing myself into the wall that kept me and Andy apart. 

Tyler couldn’t move. His back was turned to us, but I know that he was watching her transformation in horror. I don’t know what Andy’s reaction was, but I knew he was just as scared as we were. 

Samy started to grow tiger fur. It covered her entire body. Her facial structure turned all catlike. Her feet arched and turned into paws. Her hands grew bigger and her nails got slightly longer and sharper. With a popping sound, dark brown wings came from her back. They looked to be about five or six feet wide as they spread out behind her. A tiger’s tail came from behind her, too. She looked truly terrifying. 

Fear overwhelmed us all and suddenly, we were transforming, too. Tyler snarled like a panther and his skin became black fur. Black wings popped out of his back and they looked to be about nearly seven feet. A black tail slid down from his shorts and he grew taller from his arched paws. 

While he transformed, I felt my fur bud and consume my body. It didn’t hurt, but... it felt different. The intensity of my sight increased and I felt my bone structure shift as I morphed. That wasn’t so pleasant, but it lasted only a couple of seconds. This transformation process had taken about twelve seconds in its entirety. When my wings popped out, they slipped easily through slits in the back of my shirt. It felt oddly satisfying like they had been locked up for a long time and I was finally letting them out to breathe. I felt my tailbone grow and slide through the slit in my shorts. I turned in time to see Andy transform. 

Out of his back popped out two massive gray wings. They looked to be about the same size as Tyler’s. His fur was that of a snow leopard and it covered every part of him. His eyes were gray instead of the fiery chocolate-hazel they usually were. He looked to be about as tall as Tyler, too. He had all the features of a cat. It was strange though. Our hands were similar to our human hands apart from the fur and the sharp nails. They weren’t like paws or anything; not like our feet. 

So, here we were all transformed and roaring like beasts. There were no mirrors to see ourselves in the cells, but it didn’t really matter. We were all scared for our lives.

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