The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 11

Hey, friends! Happy Tuesday! How are you? I'm doing well. I'm excited to share this new snippet with you. I hope you enjoy. 


Backstory: Lola confesses her feelings to Tyler. 


I heard him rustle his wings and then sit down beside me, scrutinizing my face. “Well, Andy said there was something wrong with you and he wanted me to talk to you. And... you looked pretty sad earlier, Lo. What’s the matter?” 

I laughed icily when I heard that Andy had told him to talk to me. “So, you’re only here because Andy told you to talk to me, huh?” I chuckled darkly, keeping my eyes fixed on my mutated reflection. 

“Uh, well, I wanted to talk to you anyway. You looked... and look pretty down. What’s wrong with ya?” he said, washing his face with the water. 

“... I can’t tell you,” I murmured, feeling the lump return in my throat. A lone tear fell from my eye and landed in the pond. ... Stupid tear blew my cover. 

“Lola, are you crying?” he exclaimed, turning to fully look at my face. He looked beautifully horrified. “Hey, why are you tearing up on me? What’s wrong?” 

“Nothing. Please, just go away,” I croaked, fighting against the overpowering tears. They wouldn’t stop coming. 

“Lola,” he sighed, wrapping me with his arms and his wings... just like before, “what’s going on?” 

“Please,” I begged through my crying, “don’t hold me like this. Please, I’m begging you.” I tried pushing away from him, but he wouldn’t let me move. My face was pressed against his dark fur. 

“Tell me what’s wrong, cheetah girl. Why are you crying?” he purred, rocking me back and forth comfortingly. “You can tell me. What’s going on?” 

“I... I can’t,” I wept, fighting against him once again. “Please, let me go.” 

“No way, José. What’s the matter?” he questioned, looking into my eyes. 

It came out so quick that I didn’t have time to stop myself from showing him how I felt. “I love you,” I told him through my eyes. I knew then that he would know I wasn’t just pulling his leg.



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