The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 10

Hey, friends. Sorry for the delay. I haven't been feeling so good this week. But here's the next snippet of The Mutates!


Backstory: Andy and Samy are reunited with Tyler and Lola. Lola, throughout her time with Tyler, had started to develop feelings for him. Andy noticed and was upset with Tyler. Teenage drama ensues. 


I sat on the ground and closed my eyes for a moment. Lola’s face was in my mind and she was smiling at me. I felt tears well into my eyes. “I miss you, Lola,” I thought sorrowfully. 

“ANDY!!!” a wonderfully familiar voice screamed excitedly. “SAMY!!!” 

“Lola?!” I cried, opening my eyes. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her. She was running at us much faster than Tyler was. I couldn’t believe she found us. “LOLA!!!” I scrambled to my feet and raced toward her, scooping her up into my arms and wailing. My wings caped around us as I squeezed her tight to me. 

“Hey, tigress!” Tyler greeted, hugging a crying Samy. 

“TYLER!!!” she cried. 

“Oh, Lola, I thought I’d never see you again,” I sobbed, kissing her head. 

“I’m so glad we found you,” she wailed, hugging me tighter. One of the bears made a noise and Lola instantly pushed away from me. “GAGE!!! CASCA!!! You guys are okay!” She raced over to them and saturated them in her tears and kisses. “It’s so good to see you!” They happily licked her face. Casca’s tail was wagging furiously. 

“Hey, it’s my two favorite fur balls,” Tyler said, letting go of Samy to say hello to the grizzlies. Casca nearly tackled him down. “Whoa, Cas! I missed you, too, but I’m with someone right now!” he joked, laughing and hugging the grizzly. He got up from the ground and placed his head against Samy’s. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they both caped their wings around each other, hiding their faces from view. Gage and Casca lay on their bellies and rested their heads. 

Lola made a face at that, which surprised me. She looked... genuinely jealous. She turned away from them and smiled at me with not as much joy as before. “I’m glad we’re all together again,” she said, though something told me that she wasn’t saying that wholeheartedly. 

Samy and Tyler let each other go and they looked as if they were blushing. She turned her attention away from him and smiled at Lola. “I didn’t get to hug you, Lo. I’m so glad you guys are okay,” she said sweetly, hugging Lola like she was her sister. 

“It’s good to see you, too. I’m glad you two are unharmed,” she said, covering up the jealousy I had seen a moment ago. We all exchanged stories and I nearly killed Tyler when he told me that Lola fell on top of him. 

“You make it seem like it was my fault!” he cried, avoiding my angry glare and backing away from my hostile form. 

“It was your fault! You were holding her!” I snarled. I knew now that that only made Lola more jealous and I always defend my sister. He had no right to egg her on. I knew he didn’t realize what he was doing, but that didn’t make me happy with him. Casca was making anxious noises and standing beside Tyler in defense. He didn’t want us to fight. 

“Wait, what about you holding my girl?!” he countered challengingly. 

“Tyler, you know I’d never do anything like that with her. Be reasonable,” I growled. It didn’t escape my eyes that Lola cringed at his mentioning of “his girl.” Anger consumed me again and I snarled at him.

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