The Final Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday!! Here we are, friends. The final excerpt of The Mutates. I am so grateful to all of you for reading my excerpts. It means the world to me. Thank you. It's been quite the journey. A lot has happened. I hope these excerpts make you all the more ready for the book. Stay tuned! I'm waiting to hear back from a publisher and some literary agents. We'll see if they take on The Mutates. I'm really happy I got to share my book with you. Post in the comments your thoughts on what you read.  I'd love your feedback. 

Okay. Here it is. The final chapter of The Mutates: The Creation. Enjoy! ❤




Tyler sat at the family computer, focusing intently on the work before him. His fingers clicked and clacked against the keyboard. Ever since he and his family moved to Virginia, he’s been at that computer. 
Samy came in, calling him but stopped when she saw him typing. “You’re not gonna come outside? It’s beautiful out there. We’re thinking about making a treehouse in the backyard. We could use your help.” 
“Uh-huh,” Tyler drawled out, keeping his eyes on the screen. 
Samy glared at him and a growl rumbled in her chest. He didn’t react as usual. “What are you working on?!” she snapped, punching his arm. 
“Ow!” he barked, grasping his throbbing arm. “Samy,” he complained, pouting at her. 
“What have you been working on?” she seethed. 
He sighed and then said softly, “Okay, you caught me.” 
Samy’s expression softened immediately. “What’ve you been doing?” she asked in a gentler tone. 
“I… I’ve been writing out what happened to us,” he murmured. “I was writing from when you and I were suspended from school to the present.” 
Samy came up to him and touched his face. “Why would you do this by yourself? We should write our story together,” she said, turning to look at what he wrote. “You didn’t get very far,” she noted after skimming over his work. 
“I’m not the best wrtier,” he chuckled. 
“We know, Ty,” she smiled before kissing his cheek. “I’ll go get the others. You need all the help you can get.” She headed out the room. 
Tyler smiled after her and then turned back to the computer, reading over a sentence he wrote. 
“You’re writing a book??” Lola raced into the room in her excitement, her eyes glowing catlike. 
“Calm down, Lo, we’re all pitching in for it,” Andy chuckled, smiling at her. 
“I’ll probably have to delete what I have. I’m terrible at this,” Tyler sighed, resting his cheek on his knuckle. 
“Why did you start this all by yourself?” Andy asked, giving him the look. 
“I dunno. I just started writing. I wasn’t expecting to show this to anyone… until Samy punched the truth outta me,” he gave her a wink, grinning when she blushed and murmured, “Sorry, Ty.” “You’re fine, tigress.” 
“So, what’re you gonna call this book?” Lola wondered, looking at the screen. “The Mutates: The Creation? … How, um, original?” Lola futilely tried to hide her laughter. 
“Well, we are mutates and kind of created, right?” Tyler pursed his lips at her. “It’s not funny! It took me a whole hour to think of that, ya know!” His face was getting red with embarrassment. 
“Lola, stop laughing at him. It’s a… clever title,” Samy smiled encouragingly, but it looked like she was holding back laughter as well. Andy pressed his lips tightly together. 
“If you don’t like the title, then you guys think of something!” Tyler pouted, crossing his arms defensively. 
“I like it. It’s just weird. We weren’t created,” Lola stated. 
“I mean, I can see his point. Our mutate selves were created, though,” Andy pointed out. 
“Thank you, Andy. You understand me,” Tyler grinned at him. They fist bumped each other. 
“What are you kids doing?” Jacob asked as he came down the stairs. 
“Hey, Dad!” Tyler greeted as Samy replied, “We’re writing our story.” 
“Really? You’re okay doing that?” he asked, crossing his arms. 
“Yeah, it should be fun,” Lola chirped with a big smile on her face. “It’ll be like seeing Gage and Casca all over again.” She touched the fangs tied around her neck.  
“Yeah, and Balto, too,” Tyler added.  
“Well, have fun. I have some errands to run,” Jacob headed towards the front door. 
“Say hi to Auntie for me,” Samy giggled, laughing harder when Jacob blushed. 
“What’s so funny?” Bran asked, opening the front door. 
“Hey, Bran! We’re writing our story,” Andy said, chuckling at Lola’s blushing face. 
“There are sure a lot of red faces in this house,” Tyler snickered. Lola gave him a death glare.  
Jacob blushed harder and nearly ran out the house saying, “Have fun writing!” 
“You’re writing your story? Sweet!” Bran grinned, entering the family room. “I remember you guys on my doorstep like it was yesterday.” 
“Now that I think about it so much stuff has happened,” Lola said. 
The kids got quiet as they remembered different things from their journey. 
Bran clasped his hands together nervously saying, “So, where are you starting the book from?” 
“From when Samy and I got suspensed,” Tyler answered, sounding a little somber. 
“You got suspended from school? Why?” 
“It’s a long story. You can read about it when we’re finished,” Samy smiled, placing a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. 
Bran chuckled, “Alright, alright. I’ll just sit here and wait.” 
“It’s gonna take us a little while to finish,” Andy warned. 
“That’s okay. I’ve got until six tonight. TJ and I are having a business meeting then.” 
“How is he these days?” Lola asked. 
“He’s the same, except he misses you guys. He says he’ll come and visit soon.” 
“Awesome!” she exclaimed happily. 
“We should get to writing. We’re burning daylight,” Andy commented. 
“Good idea. Is it okay if I start the story from my point of view?” Tyler asked. 
“Yeah, you’re the leader. Go for it.” 
“Aww, I wanted to go first,” Lola pouted. 
“Sorry, loser. The early bird gets the worm,” Tyler replied in a singsongy voice. 
“Really, Ty? You’re such a kid,” Samy said, pulling his ear playfully. 
“Ow,” he pouted. 
The kids started talking over one another and laughing together. Bran sat back on the couch and watched them with a smile. The rest of the day was filled with memories, happy and sad, as they started writing their story.

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