Tenth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday!! How are you doing? Did you have a good day? I sure did. I got to hang out with an old friend and took a nice long walk this morning. I feel energized! Tomorrow's Friday! Hurrayy!!! I'm looking forward to the weekend. How about you? Post in the comments!

Alright, here's the excerpt for today. I hope you enjoy! I'll see you on Saturday! <3


...Lions and Bears: Part One... 


We couldn’t see anything as we plummeted to the ground. There was so much darkness and there wasn’t enough room to fly anywhere.  
“Lola!” I called, reaching for her. “Where are you?” 
“I’m right here,” she answered, finding my hand and squeezing it. 
“This is insane!” 
“Yeah, you’re telling me!” 
“Look, light!” As we fell, a circle of light... no, not a circle of life... losers; but a circle of light came rapidly towards us. When we went through it, we found ourselves in a large room even bigger than the one with the waterfall. I felt like we were in The Lion King. “What the heck is this?” I asked as we flew to the ground. The ground was more or less grass and dusty dirt.  
“It looks like we’re in Africa,” Lola said, looking around her. There were all kinds of animals in this room. Elephants, antelope, zebras, lions, hyenas, and many other species from Africa were in the room.  
“This is so weird,” I murmured, walking ahead and continuing to hold Lola’s hand. She was literally clawing my arm. “Hey, be careful with those claws, Lo.” 
“Oh sorry, Ty. I’m just nervous,” she said. Her ears were flat against her head. 
“Yeah, I can tell. But, it’s okay. I’ll protect you and you’ll protect me, right?” 
“Of course, of course.” 
“Alright, let’s take a walk and see if there’s a way to get outta here.” I pulled her along, watching as the animals avoid us. “Well, this is nice,” I said after a long period of not talking. Poor Lola was so scared. I was just trying to comfort her. Samy and Andy were on my mind. I was hoping that they were safe.  
“The lions are looking at us,” she whispered, freezing up and standing still. The lions were looking at us. The majority of them were females, but two or three were males. All together there were about fifteen of them.  
As we stood there, a few of the females hissed at us and paced in front of the others like they were waiting for us. 
“What do you we do?” Lola said fearfully. She sounded so small. 
“Man up, Tyler,” I thought to myself as I glanced at her. “Let’s see if we can scare em with our roaring.” 
“I can’t roar. Cheetahs don’t roar,” she argued softly, eyeing the lionesses warily.  
“Well, it sounded like you were roaring in the cells earlier. Do whatever you did then. I can’t really roar either. Just give it all you got, Lo. I believe in you.” I let go of her hand and walked toward the lionesses. Of course, they got in an uproar and hissed at me. I sucked in a huge amount air and roared as loud as possible being that I was a mutated panther. A ferocious snarl came out of my mouth. The lions backed away, but growled back at me.

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