Sneak Peek of The Mutates: The Operation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Tuesday! How are you doing? I'm doing well. I've been having a productive day today. 

As a special thank you for reading the excerpts of The Mutates: The Creation, I wanted to share a sneak peek of my second book, The Operation. Post in the comments what you think! Much love! <3


...Excerpt from The Mutates: The Operation...


“So let me get this straight,” Cobalt started, pinching the bridge of his nose in agitation, “you experimented on a woman with severe amnesia, convinced her that she worked as a mercenary for you, had her kidnap her son and his three friends, experimented on them, they escaped your facility, made it all the way back to Pennsylvania with the help of three civilians, you all had a big fight in a nearby national park in which you escaped, the woman and her ‘goons’ got arrested, and now you say you lost track of the test subjects?” He then started to clap patronizingly. “Bravo, Herman, bravo.” 

I cleared my throat to keep a growl from erupting out of me. “If I may…” 

“No, you may not,” he interjected. “If word gets out about what you’ve done, this good thing we’ve got going on here called a democracy will fall. Mr. President,” he turned to the screen behind him, “we simply cannot afford to fund Dr. Herman any longer. The mutates project is a failure. We…” 

“Now hold on one minute,” I interjected this time, standing to my feet. “I wouldn’t say the mutates project was a complete failure. Now if I may,” I glared at Mr. Cobalt, daring him to interrupt me, “I have all the data on…” I paused to keep my temper in check, “…the four and I can assure you I can give you the super soldiers you want.  Even better,” I removed my jacket and my shoes. 

“What on earth is he doing?” the President asked Cobalt. 

Before anyone could speak further, I focused on the anger boiling underneath my skin and let it consume me. My bones started to come undone and then restructure themselves, fur sprouted over my body, wings popped out of my back, and lionlike features shaped my face. 

“You didn’t…” Cobalt breathed as I morphed.  

“Oh, but I did,” I retorted, wolfishly grinning at him. “And my lovely bride is a mutate as well.” 

“Sir, even if he’s experimented on himself, this does not excuse him from the damage he’s already done,” Cobalt insisted to the President. 

“I did what I had to to create your test subjects,” I growled, standing to my full height. 

I could almost taste the fear on Cobalt as he eyed me. “You took advantage of an American citizen and not only that, you were crazy enough to have her kidnap her son and try to make a family out of the test subjects. You should be arrested!” 

“Enough,” the President said. He leaned forward at his desk, “Herman, I’m not particularly fond of your methods, but you got the job done. You created super soldiers. I cannot deny that.” 

“Sir?” Cobalt questioned. 

“I’m willing to look over your mishap as long as you are willing to get me soldiers. I don’t need 16 year old mutates however. I need soldiers. Cobalt, find me some men that have nothing to live for but to serve their country. I want men that are willing to do whatever it takes. No strings attached. And, Herman, I want you to find these teenage mutates and bring them back to your facility.” 

“And what should I do with them?” I asked, tilting my head to the side. 

The President clasped his hands in front of him and sighed deeply, looking down at his desk.  

After a few moments of silence, he looked up and said, “Destroy them.”

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