Sixteenth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hey, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday!! I have nothing special to report so let's get right into the next chapter. Post in the comments what you think about my book thus far. Much love! ❤????????


...Pack Your Bags, Honey! We’re Goin Huntin’!...


We entered the room and Gage and Casca were laying down just at the edge of the woods. The fur balls had been waiting for us. 
“Hey, guys!” Lola exclaimed excitedly, running towards them. In seeing her as a human, they paused and sniffed her cautiously. When they recognized her as their cheetah girl, their eyes brightened and they licked her face. ... I was totally disgusted. 
“That is so not clean,” I said as I watched them nuzzle her. 
“Leave her alone,” Samy smiled all pretty like. The fake sun made her golden hair shine. “We should morph and look for that beast now.” 
“Ugh, do we really have to?” Andy asked. His tone definitely took me by surprise. He actually seemed annoyed and... a little kiddyish. 
We all gave him a look as Lola said, “You don’t, but I do.” Her body shook and shifted as she morphed. Gage and Casca never saw her morph before and they backed away with fearful noises in their throats. We all followed her example and morphed, too. It was actually getting easier to do. It didn’t take as long as it would’ve on that first day.  
After we were mutates, I said, “Alright, let’s go hunting.” I looked over into Casca’s eyes and saw he was a little confused about us. “We’re friends, Cas,” I smiled at him. “We’re going after the beast. Ya wanna come?” He yelped fearfully and cowered a bit. ... How does a grizzly cower you say? If you saw the beast, ya would’ve cowered, too. “Wish I could do that, too,” I muttered. 
Lola petted their heads before turning to us. “Who can smell scents better than anybody here?” 
“Samy can,” Andy commented solemnly. “She helped us find you guys.” 
“I don’t know what the beast smells like,” she said with a shrug. 
“I do,” I mumbled, remembering the putrid odor I encountered when the beast roared right in my face. Thank Andy, Samy, and Lola again for the awesome vocab, yall. “It smelled really, really bad. If you smell something that makes you nearly wanna hurl, that’s the scent you’re looking for.”  
“... Thanks for that,” Lola said with an odd look on her face. She looked uncomfortable. The image of the beast was in her eyes as she remembered. 
“We’re wasting time just sitting here. Come on,” Samy said, getting on all fours and sniffing the ground. If she had a collar and a leash, she coulda been a police dog. ... Oh, man. She’s mad at me. ( Be right back.  
Okay, we’re good now. ( Let’s continue. 
So, Gage and Casca moved slowly behind us as we followed Samy as she started to track down the beast. ... Wow, that sentence bugs me... ew. Going through the pasture of creepy llamas, they stared at us with their really freaky lizard eyes. They looked even uglier in the light. ... Dr. Herman is a sick man. 
“Do you smell anything?” Andy asked as we reached the end of the pasture.  
“The llama-lizards smell like pickled eggs and you guys smell like... you guys. I don’t smell offensive beast odors yet,” Samy replied, crouching lower. 
“We will in the cave,” he muttered under his breath. He wasn’t being much of a good sport.  
“How about everyone go in first and I go in last since the beast wants me killed?” I suggested as we came to the back entrance to the bat cave.  
“I think you should go first and we use you as bait,” Lola smiled evilly. My jaw dropped to the floor. It was so unlike Lola to have such a twisted mind. 
“... Who are you and what have you done to my loser?” I demanded still shocked. 
“Calm down. I was just joking,” she giggled, but I was still appalled by her remark. 
Samy laughed at me as she said, “I’ll go first since I’m tracking this thing.” 
“I’ll go after you then,” I sighed, feeling fear go through me. Yeah, I was scared for my life, but I wasn’t gonna let my girl go in first and not have me right behind her. It’s not the Reynolds way. We went down into the dark cave in a single file line. Andy was the last one to come in to the cave. Being the overprotective brother that he is, he wanted his sister to go before him so that she’d be cushioned in between us. Gage and Casca stayed behind, watching us leave warily.

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