Second Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hey, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday!!! I'm so excited to share chapter one of The Mutates with you. I hope you enjoy. I'm not going to share the entire chapter, but I will give you a nice paragraph or two to whet your appetite.Comment below what you think of it, how your week is going, etc. My week has been busy but productive as I explained yesterday. 

Anyways, here's chapter one of The Mutates: The Creation!



...The Predator Watches in the Shadows (Excerpt)...



Literally out of nowhere, a flock of students decided to walk down the hallway. When they saw what was happening, they encircled us and chanted, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” 

Andy and Lola were wide eyed as they watched. Both of their mouths hung low. 

“You think you’re so tough, don’t you?” Ricky spat at me. “Think you can protect her from me? You couldn’t even protect your pathetic mom!” 

A furious yell came from me as I charged at him. A red haze covered my eyes. My fist impacted with his face and made him fall back into the crowd. The kids he fell on helped him up and pushed him forward. 

Samy, before I could do anything, punched him in his nose. A gush of blood spurted from it as he fell to his knees. She kicked his stomach, forcing him to curl up on the ground. 

“He’s done, let’s go before security finds us,” Samy said, grabbing my arm forcefully. 

“No! I’m not done yet,” I snarled, kicking him even as she pulled me back. Andy stepped in and blocked my view from him. 

“He’s not worth it, Ty. Let’s go now,” he said firmly, pushing me back. 

Lola followed behind fearfully as her eyes darted from Ricky on the ground to my murderous appearance. I tried to fight against Andy and Samy, but their combined strength overpowered me. 

The crowd parted as they tugged me away and as I thrashed against their hold. At that moment, everyone was against me and I was against them. My mom’s face appeared every time I blinked. Her gentle smile was only a brief second relief to the flames of anger burning in me. 

I don’t know how they managed it, but they got me to go into the courtyard. A few skaters looked at us, watching the peculiar situation. 

I nearly ripped their hands from me and paced away from them like an angry lion. I paced back and forth with gusts of hot air rushing from my mouth. My heart was racing like a horse, pumping adrenaline into my veins and fueling my anger. There wasn’t just anger. I felt anguish and pain. It was overwhelming. It hurt so much. Before long, I was on my knees. I barely noticed the wretched sob breaking through me.

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