Recovery Mode

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Saturday!! How are you? I'm doing okay. Still recovering from my surgery. My weekend has been busy. I had a singles devotional today and then went to the movies to see Venom. It was really good. We're having a harvest party tomorrow after church. That should be a lot of fun. My jaws still hurt but the meds are helping. I'm slowly but surely healing. It's a slow process. 

I'm getting sleepy. ? I'll probably head to bed soon. 

Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? I'm thinking about doing a campaign on their website. My campaign would be centered around music. I would launch my first album that way. I'm reading a book on Kickstarter in the hopes that I'll do a project on there. I'm excited. I'm also still waiting for the publisher and agent to get back to me. We'll see if they do or not. Please keep praying for me. I appreciate you. 

Well, I think I'm gonna turn in for the night. Have pleasant dreams and I'll see you on Tuesday. Xoxo ??❤



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