Twenty Third Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy  Excerpt Tuesday!! How are you? I'm doing okay. I didn't pass an exam today. I am pretty bummed out. But amen. At least I have the opportunity to try again. On a much happier note, my Kickstarter campaign is doing really well. I'm confident that I'll reach my goal of $6,000. Only 19 days to go. 

Okay here's the next chapter of The Mutates. Enjoy!


...The Brother Feud... 


In the morning, it felt like we had partied way too hard and had a hangover as a result. I didn’t know eating so much food could do that. It was hysterical. We all started groaning the moment we woke up. 
“And I thought we could just keep eating,” I heard Tyler groaned. “I feel like I have a food baby.” 
“I think I have twins,” Lola faintly laughed. 
“I beat you all,” I grinned tiredly. “I have quintuplets.” 
“I feel like an alien is gonna rip through my stomach,” Andy sighed. I could see from where I was, he was rubbing his eyes. 
“Morning, kids,” Vinny yawned. “Slept well?” 
“Uh-huh. Too well, Vin. I feel like a sloth,” Tyler spoke slowly to exaggerate his point. 
“Would anyone like some eggs and bacon?” 
We all raised our hands. It seemed like our lethargy was short lived.  
“Where’s Bran?” Lola asked, slowly sitting up and running a hand through her locks. 
“He’s making sure that his roof is being restored properly. He should be back soon. I’m surprised he didn’t wake you guys. You were really out of it huh?” 
“Dinner was amazing,” Tyler drawled, stretching his limbs. 
“I can’t believe you ate everything,” he chuckled, shaking his head as he scrambled some eggs in a bowl. “I wonder what it would be like to have your metabolisms.” 
“I think a foodie such as yourself would appreciate it,” Andy remarked. “You could eat all the food you wanted and not worry about gaining weight… or high cholesterol.” 
“We don’t have high cholesterol?” Tyler asked. 
“Do you even know what cholesterol is, Ty?” I teased with a smirk. 
“Oh hush, tigress! I’m tryna have a mutate to mutate conversation with my brother here.” We all laughed at his silliness. 
“Ugh, whatever,” I grumbled, throwing my pillow at him. I made a direct hit to his face. “I’m gonna take a shower.” 
“Oooh oooh!” Tyler started like he was going to join. I could actually feel my face turn red. 
“I don’t think so!” Andy tackled him down. “Go, Samy, I’ll hold him off!” 
His joke managed to get me laughing and relieve some of the anxiety I felt. “Thanks, Andy!” I called as I raced to the bathroom and locked the door. My heart was still hammering pretty loudly in my chest. My body was trembling with its need to morph. I took some deep breaths and tried to talk myself calm. “He wouldn’t’ve come in. Calm down. We’re not at that stage. Heh, Andy is such an influence.” I pulled my hair back and stood up straight. “Marriage first,” I reminded myself and then proceeded towards the shower. … 
Hey… Vinny here… the kids wanted me to write, so… yeah. I paused from my cooking to watch Andy tackle Tyler down.  
“Ugh, must your ethics ruining everything?” Tyler groaned, but it was evident he was teasing.  
“For purity’s sake, yes,” Andy replied, sitting up and grinning at his brother. 
“Whatever you do for purity’s sake, please don’t destroy my home,” I chuckled at them. It seemed like they were Herculean children capable of destroying a home without meaning to. 
“I’ll keep them in check, Vinny,” Lola smiled. Her spirit warmed my heart. 
“Thank you, Lo. I know I can count on you for that,” I winked at her. “Can you guys set the table?” 
“Yes, sir!” Tyler saluted me with a smile. He’s so silly.  
As they were setting the table, Samy came out of the bathroom with a towel around her head. “Showers are so amazing,” she beamed. 
“Dibs!” Lola cried, bolting to the bathroom. 
“Hey, no fair! You take hour long showers!” Tyler complained. 
“I’m not sure if I wanna even look at my next water bill,” I mumbled worriedly. 
“Don’t worry,” Andy reassured me, going to the bathroom. “Lola, twenty minutes okay?” he called to her, tapping the door. 
“Okay!” I heard her reply. 
“Thank you,” I sighed relieved. “Okay, would anyone like a cup of tea or coffee? No coffee for you, Tyler. You have enough energy as it is. Same for Lola, too,” I added as I saw him perk up when I mentioned coffee. 
“Why is everyone killing my joy?” he whined, hiding his face in Samy’s towel. She just patted his head. 
“May I have some tea? Thanks,” Andy requested, starting to serve the food. 
“Thanks for this, Vin. You make delicious scrambled eggs,” Samy complimented, taking a seat. 
“You’re very welcome. I’m glad you enjoy my cooking,” I smiled at her as I poured hot water into some mugs. 
Andy said grace as Lola came out of the bathroom, looking rejuvenated from her shower. “Oooh, this looks good!” she mouthed excitedly as she took a seat between him and I. It was always entertaining to have a meal with these guys. They went through food like paper going through a shredder. I think I blinked and their plates were empty. 
“Did I make enough?” I wondered. I had used a little over two dozen eggs and two packs of bacon. 
“This is great, Vin. Thank you,” Andy replied. His eyes shone with his sincerity. 
“You’re all very welcome. I just hope we’ll be able to help you guys get home to your families.” I regretted mentioning home to them as I saw pain go across their faces. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t’ve…” I began to apologize. 
“It’s okay,” Tyler said gently, sounding mature for the first time that day. “It will be nice to go home. Right, guys?” 
“Yeah,” the others replied in soft voices. It suddenly felt like I was alone at the table as they got up and placed their dishes in the sink. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand their mental bonds with each other.

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