Twenty Second Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday! How are you? I'm doing awesome. I'm at Quantum Leap with my dad. It's a publicity and marketing program. Jack Canfield is speaking about becoming a best selling author. It's really impactful. 

Okay here's the next chapter of The Mutates. Enjoy!


...The Game Plan... 


I left Bran’s house, feeling numb and hurt all at once. I thought of my dad as I headed back into the city. I missed him so much. I couldn’t even imagine the pain he had to be going through. I wanted to call him, to let him know that I was okay... but I knew if I did that I could put him in danger with... them. Maybe he already was. Tears came down my face as I struggled to control my agony. By the time I made it to the roof of Vinny’s place, I was in control... at least I had enough control to stop crying. I forced myself to smile and cringed when I felt my tears starting to stick to my fur. 
When I got inside, all were asleep except for Vinny. He smiled when I came down from the ladder. 
“I heard him scream,” he chuckled quietly. I forced my smile again. “Are you alright?” Obviously, my attempt wasn’t good enough to hide my sadness. 
I played it off with a yawn saying, “I’m kinda getting tired.” 
“Oh, well, gimme a second and I’ll set up your bed.” He went down the hallway to his closet. 
Samy and Andy were already in their human form. She was sleeping in the recliner and Andy was sleeping in the chair closest to Lola. They looked peaceful. It warmed my heart to see them rest. 
Vinny came back with a sleeping bag and a pillow. I almost laughed. It had been years since I slept in a sleeping bag. “I hope this will be okay,” he whispered, placing it near Samy. 
“That’s fine. Thank you so much for everything,” I replied, tucking my wings into my back so I could fit into the thing. It was warm and comfortable on the inside. I’m not even sure if I talked with him after that. I was out right after I got in. 
I dreamt about my dad and Aunt Denise. They were sitting down together and looking at our photos. I wanted to call them, but a part of me knew that I couldn’t. It was torment for sure. I woke up in a crabby kind of mood. 
When we woke up, we found that Vinny had gotten us some shoes. It was a nice gesture. I was given some black tennis shoes. It amazed me how they seemed to fit perfectly. 
Bran and Vinny had made us pancakes, French toast, and at least fifteen pieces of bacon. ... It was absolutely I think I said that right... right? Well, anyways, everybody was in great spirits and despite my crabbiness, I was pretty happy, too. It’s funny how food brings people together. 
“So, guys,” Bran started as we all sat around the TV, “what is the game plan today?” 
Of course, everyone, including Bran, turned to look at me. I internally sighed and quickly swallowed my pancakes before saying, “I think it would be best if we stayed here for now. Elana knows what we look like no matter what form we’re in and she’ll recognize Bran. It would be too dangerous to go strolling around the city. And flying in broad daylight is just stupid.” 
Andy raised a brow at me before saying, “That sounds like a good idea. And I don’t think calling home would be wise either. We might put our families in danger.” He was watching my expression. 
“Shouldn’t they at least know that you’re alive?” Bran asked. “Who knows what they might be thinking.” 
“We’ll make it home and tell them when we see them,” I said. “It really is too dangerous.” 
Samy asked, “Um, Ty, are you okay?” Her eyes shone with concern. 
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied. I paused as I heard the bitterness in my voice. I wanted to hang myself. 
“You sound like something’s bothering you. What’s goin on?” Andy asked with that intense stare of his. 
“Honestly, I’m fine. Let me eat in peace,” I grumbled, chomping down on a piece of bacon. 
Bran and Vinny were looking at each other and us in confusion while Samy and Andy spoke to me. Finally Vinny said kindly, “If you need someone to talk to, Tyler, we’re here for you. You’re not alone.” 
I felt a lump clog my windpipe. “Thanks,” I choked softly before I shoved food in my mouth and forced it down. I actually lost my appetite, but I made myself eat. 
Everyone, despite seeing my pain, chose to talk amongst themselves and give me time to collect myself... except for Samy, who stared at me earnestly. 
“What’s going on, Ty? Talk to me,” she asked me worriedly. 
I sighed and replied, “I realized last night that we’ve missed so many holidays and events with Denise and my dad. I can’t imagine how they must be suffering. How they must think that we’re dead. And I dreamt about them last night.” That was enough for her to see my pain and experience it for herself. She got misty-eyed for a second, but then covered it up quickly and joined in the conversation again. 
She glanced at me, “Take your mind off it for now. We’ll deal with that later.” 
I listened to her advice and made myself focus on the topic at hand. It was all small talk but it was nice to talk to other people and not feel like they’re gonna make us do tests. 
“Hey, Ty, d’you remember Ricky Gomez?” Lola asked me, popping a fork of pancake into her mouth. She had been quiet since the brief game plan talk. Her eyes were bright and cheery now. It was good to see that her neck wasn’t bothering her. 
“Whoa, I do remember him. It feels like ages since we fought him,” I said, realizing in my mind that it had been last October that we saw him… the day Elana kidnapped us. Andy, Lola, and Samy caught my drift and I felt connected to them. We all felt somber as we remembered the events that took place afterward.


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