Twenty First Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Tuesday! How are you? I'm doing well myself. I had a nice session with my therapist this morning. I'm making a lot of progress.

Anyways here's the next chapter of The Mutates. Enjoy!


...The Pain... 


There are no words to describe the feeling of losing my son. I had already lost my wife. ... It was too much to bear. And I had just reconciled with him... why did I have to lose him, too? 
That night, I came home from work and saw that no one was in the house. I automatically assumed he was with Samy at Denise’s house, so I gave her a call. 
“Jake, the kids are gone!” she cried. “All four of them are missing! Cara called me, asking if Lola and Andy were at the house and I know they weren’t at your place. They’re gone!” 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down, Denise. They have to be here somewhere. They wouldn’t just up and leave without saying anything. None of them would do anything like that. There has to be some kind of explanation. I’ll be right over in a minute, okay? Just take a deep breath...” 
“I’m so scared, Jake. I feel like something bad happened to them. Samy would call. Tyler would call. Andy and Lola would call. They haven’t called!!” 
“Denise, please calm down. I’ll be there in a minute. Hold on,” I hung up from her and ran out of the house. My mind was racing a mile a minute trying to think of all the places the kids might’ve gone to. 
By the time I reached Denise, she ran out of the house to me with the Dunhills in tow. Cara and Andrew were a decent couple with soft hearts. The pain on their faces was agonizing. 
“We’ve called them over and over, but no one is answering. It goes straight to voicemail,” Cara wept, attempting to wipe her fearful tears. Andrew rubbed her arms soothingly, but it was clear that he was suffering considerably. 
“They could’ve gone to the park, they could’ve...” 
“Jacob, we went to the park. The only ones there were Ricky Gomez and his friends, those derelicts,” Denise said bitterly. “They don’t recall seeing any of them being at the park.” 
“Well, they have to come home at some point. I swear, if this is a joke, I’m gonna kill em,” I seethed at the idea. 
“I don’t think this is a joke,” Andrew said. “Andy wouldn’t allow his sister to be out at this time of night. There has to be another explanation. ... I think we need to call the police.” 
“Could they... could they have been... kidnapped?” Cara choked out as more tears spilled down her face. 
Denise was shaking her head the moment Cara spoke. Tears came down her face and she wiped them angrily. She reminded me so much of Samy. She turned away from us and started heading to her house. “I’m calling the police,” she said with pain making her words distorted. 
I watched her leave as Andrew told me, “I’m gonna call the police, too. This is getting out of hand. And I don’t like it.” He bent his head to kiss Cara’s. 
“I’m gonna stay up a little more and wait to see if Tyler comes in at all. I’m praying to God that this is just him being immature or something. I pray to God,” I murmured as I started to go. 
“We’ll be praying for all of our kids,” Cara said, taking my hand. She reminded me of her daughter as Andrew reminded me of his son. I smiled weakly at her before shaking Andrew’s hand. 
“They’ll come home. They’ve got to,” I said firmly. He gave me a nod. “You all have a good night.” 
“Good night, Jacob,” Andrew replied. Cara was crying softly in his arms again. 
I came home and I sat on the couch and waited. ... The hours went by and there was still no sign of him. I called his cell every five minutes, but every time it went straight to voicemail... just like Samy’s, and Lola’s, and Andy’s. None of them responded. 
The police came by at 10 in the morning and we all gave detailed descriptions of our children and photos that they could copy to locate them. 
They searched everywhere. But found nothing. It was like our children disappeared right off the face of the planet. 
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s went by slow and painful. I spent them all alone, looking at my son’s picture and wishing that he would come home. Well... I shouldn’t say that. Every holiday was spent with the Dunhills and Denise. We shared the pain together and it brought us closer. When I was alone, I would look at his picture and my heart would break. There are no words to describe the loss... the pain. It eats you alive.  
... I just wanted my boy to come home.

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