Hey, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Saturday!! How are you? How's your weekend going? Post in the comments!

I have to be honest... I've been having a hard week. I've been struggling a lot. I'm just at a place where I'm sick and tired of mental illnesses. I just want Jesus to come back. I want Him to make all things new already. Please pray for me. I could use the support. I'm having a hard time loving myself. Do you struggle with that too? What helps you in times like this? I took a walk and prayed. I think that helped some. I'm also listening to happy music. But I don't know... I'm still kind of down. I got friendzoned the other day. It was sad. I want to believe that no one will ever love me back. I know that it's all in God's hands, but yeah... I just feel ugly and unwanted. 

Thanks for listening to me. It does help to share my feelings. I might go and pray some more. Sorry this post is so short. I'm still having a hard time. Let me know what I can be praying for for you. Love you guys.



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