Third Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Thursday! I'm so excited to share another excerpt from The Mutates: The Creation coming to Amazon Kindle and Paperback this Fall. Let's get right into it. Post in the comments your thoughts on this excerpt and how your day is going! I had a good day today. It was very productive. Enjoy and I'll see you next Tuesday! xoxo <3


...A Day in the Life of Tyler Reynolds without School... 


I finally decided that I should get up from the floor and put all my things away. I breezed through my homework since I didn’t have anymore... distractions. ... Very good distractions... I chilled on the couch and watched some TV. SpongeBob was on and that made me think of Samy, which made me sad. I hated that she was all mad at me, so I texted her. 
Hey samy its ty. Will u plz tlk 2 me?  
I waited anxiously for her to text back. A gurgling bellow came from my stomach and I raced to the kitchen to get me some food. I made a PB&J sandwich with some Kool-Aid, checking my phone every five seconds. I was startled and excited by an obnoxious buzzing coming from my cell. It was Samy. 
Wat do u want? 
I texted back as fast as I could: Im sry bout wat happend. I didnt mean 4 u 2 b mad @ me. Can u 4give me? I went to the countertop and sat on one of the high stools. I nibbled on my sandwich, never allowing my eyes to be diverted from the phone. You guys need to seriously thank my compadres because if they didn’t help me with the words, I’m telling you this story would be garbage. Thanks, Andy, Samy, and Lola for being fantastically awesome. ... Y’all only wish y’all were as cool as me. OUCH!  
She texted back: There’s nothin 2 4give. U didnt do anythin. 
I texted: I hurt ur feelins. Tht’s not ok w/ me. I m sry. 
Dont worry bout it, ty. ... call me? 
My heart was beating erratically as I dialed her number and listened to the phone ring. I had her number memorized. ... Don’t judge me.  
On the second ring, Samy answered, “Hey.” 
“Hey,” I beamed like a goofy goober. “I’m real sorry about what happened.” 
“Shut up, Ty,” she replied. “I overreacted. Did you finish your homework, slowpoke?”  
“I sure did,” I answered with a slight country accent. ... It’s all part of the job... or plan as the Joker said. He was a boss.
She laughed shortly. It sounded like the laugh in my dream. Tinkling rain on a window pane and there I go rhyming again. I am AWESOME!!! “You’re special,” she said. 
“Of course, I am,” I grinned cockily. “That’s why you couldn’t catch me.” 
“Shaddup, next time I will,” she said firmly as if promising me. 
“Hey, you know what’s weird?” 
“No, not me. When you kicked me out and made me walk home in the freezing wind, I felt like someone was watching me. It was kinda weird, but I wasn’t really paying close attention,” I said, recalling the walk home.  
 “You know, I felt like we were being watched in the car,” she commented. “I didn’t want to say anything about it cuz I thought it didn’t mean anything, but it felt strange. I really felt hyperaware of someone looking at us. And thanks for making me feel even worse.” 
“Heh, I was messing with you. I didn’t know you could feel bad,” I smiled, going back to the TV and changing it to ESPN.  
“You make me sound like I have no soul,” she griped, a word Lola told me.   
“You have a soul, Samy,” I assured her in a tone I didn’t even realize I was using on her.



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