The Mutates: The Creation Snippet 7

Happy Tuesday, everyone. How are you? I hope you're well. Here's the next snippet of The Mutates. I hope you enjoy! <3


Backstory: Tyler and Lola get separated from Andy and Samy, ending up in a wooded area with deer... and bears.


There was another rumbling in the ground. All of us raised our heads and turned to see what was coming. The deer stood up and started running. Lola and I followed them. 

“What is that?” Lola wondered as we dashed through the woods. It was amazing how much speed she had. She was nearly at the front of the herd. I struggled to keep up and I was the track runner. 

“Dunno, but let’s not stop running,” I suggested, dodging a deer that was kinda running too slow. 

Out of nowhere, a loud roaring sounded from behind us. Two huge grizzlies rammed through the trees and ran at us. The deer made high-pitched barking noises and ran even faster. I didn’t know they could do that. 

“Ty, we have to protect the deer. We’ve gotta hold these bears at bay!” Lola cried, halting in her run and facing the coming beasts. 

“Are you crazy?! They’re gonna kill you! Keep moving!” I cried, grabbing her and dragging her into a run. 

“We’ve got to lead them away from the deer,” she protested, turning around and facing a bear. There was a brief silence before both bears snarled and charged at us. “Let’s go!” she sped off in a direction away from the herd. 

“What did you do?!” I demanded as we bolted. My heart was ramming against my chest and adrenaline increased my speed. Everything was sorta blurry at times, but we managed not to hit any trees. 

“I told them to follow us,” she said as she ran up a tree and starting jumping from tree to tree. 

“Thanks, Lola! Now we’re gonna get killed!” I seethed as I followed her demonstration. It wasn’t as easy as she made it look. I nearly fell... twice. 

“We had to protect the deer!” she snapped at me. 

“No, we didn’t have to do anything to them! We need to protect ourselves!” I snapped back. “We’re being chased by two grizzlies!” 

“We were attacked by fifteen lions! We can survive this! We just need to communicate with them,” she said before diving from the limb she was on and fluttering down to her feet. 

“Lola, no!” I cried, diving after her. I was too late. I had to watch her race towards the bears and watch one of them smack her against a tree. She slumped to the ground and didn’t move. “Oh no...” I breathed. Everything seemed like it was moving in slow motion. The grizzlies raced toward me, roaring and drooling like dogs, while Lola lay unconscious at the trunk.

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