Sixth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday!! I hope your day as been fun and productive. Mine was. I got renewed my learner's permit!!! I can drive again, yayy!! I'm pretty happy about that. My goal is to get my license by November 30th. We'll see how that goes. *Fingers crossed* 

Here's the next chapter of The Mutates: The Creation! This chapter happens to be a favorite of mine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. See ya Saturday for an update on me! *Muah* xoxo

... The Creation...




“Ananias goes there, and Lola goes right beside him. Tyler is right in the middle with Samy on his other side. Excellent. Now, my dear, please remove any unnecessary items from the children.” 
She moved quickly, dumping all the excess materials into a pile. “I finished, Dr. Herman.” The two of them shared a moment of mushy ogling... ugh; teacher’s pet was at it again.   
“Thank you. Now, if you’ll please observe what I am about to do.” He pressed a button on this expensive looking monitor. 
“And what exactly is that, Doc?” I asked curiously, watching the bodies slip into the glass tubes. We weren’t ones to ask questions usually. We trusted he knew what he was doing, but I always wondered what his great plan was. He had promised us that he would tell us one day. 
“Watch and see. I believe that promise I made to you is about to be fulfilled,” he said, smiling proudly in my direction. I felt my heart swell at his gaze. I had hoped he’d tell us soon. 
Metallic arms came from the bottom of the tubes and ripped the twerps’ clothes away a part from their undergarments as two large arms held their bodies up. Dark green, blue, and black plugs started to attach to their skin and seem to dig into them. The two large arms disappeared as the plugs held them up. The kids didn’t seem to notice. Some blood spilled from them as the plugs attached themselves. The tubes filled with some kind of teal liquid all the way to the very top until the entire bodies were covered. 
A beeping sound came from somewhere and a computerized male voice said, “Subjects are ready to be tested, Doctor.” 
“Excellent,” he said, going over to the west side of the room. “Now, as you can see, I had had these tubes over there where the test subjects are, but I moved them in order for me to do this.”  
We all followed and looked at the next few test tubes in awe. Two tubes were grouped together, one containing some kind of jungle cat and the other with birds. The first set was connected to Ananias’s tube, containing a snow leopard and a gray hawk. The second set, connected to Lola’s tube, contained a cheetah in one tube and in another, a barn owl. Samy’s set contained a tiger and an eagle. Tyler’s contained a panther and a raven. All the animals were detained in their tubes the same way the kids were with the plugs and teal liquid. 
“What are you using these animals for?” one of my guys named Stefan asked. 
“What I am going to do is mix the DNAs of these creatures with the DNAs of the children to create a new species. I have no name for this species yet, but for now, I will call them... mutates.” 
“Mutates?” I questioned, looking to the children and back at the animals. “You’ve tested this with other animals, haven’t you?” 
Deborah and Doc shared another moment of mush. “Of course, I have. I would never have started on humans first. Much to my dismay, I had many failures before I had many successes. With the knowledge I have now I know for a fact this will work.” He gently caressed her face before he turned to me. “I plan on doing this same experiment to myself. If I am to create a new species, I must become that species and lead them.” 
“Well, I’d like to see the experiment proceed,” she spoke up with excitement. She was such a teacher’s pet. Well, he seemed to enjoy it. They were an odd little couple. 
“Superb, let’s get started.” Dr. Herman went back to the kids’ tubes and dialed in some kind of access code into the long panel in front of all the tubes. A low humming arose from the wirings and teal flashes raced through them as DNA was sent to the children.  
What was to come was not expected. The eyes of the children opened and they started to scream. They looked like they were in pain.  
“Why are they doing that?” I asked, looking to my son. I know I said that I didn’t care about them, but... he was my child and for some reason, I didn’t like the idea that he was in a lot of pain. 
“The fusion of DNA is a painful process. The animals reacted the same way. Don’t worry. It only lasts for a couple of days and then they become unconscious. The transformation is always the most exciting part,” he explained, watching the process as if he were watching TV.

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