Seventh Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

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Here's the next excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation!! Let me know what you think! Xoxo <3




I was perched comfortably in the nook, reading a science magazine. Mother was in the kitchen. She was humming to herself as she washed a plate. I stole glances at her now and then, blushing when our eyes met. She was beautiful to me with her floral apron and her baby blue dress. Her smile was angelic. I internally frowned as I could still see the bruise he left behind. She did her best to cover it up with makeup, but I could still see it. Speaking of him, it was becoming that time of night again. 
We heard a loud thud at the door and something like a curse. Fumbling keys jingled in the lock and then the door burst open. A bottle of bourbon that was nearly empty was in his hand. He stumbled into the kitchen and mumbled something incoherently. 
“What was that, dear?” Mother asked sweetly, smiling that angelic smile. 
The sound of skin impacting skin resounded and Mother nearly fell backward, grasping her face. The plate in her hand shattered against the tiled floor. 
“What’s for dinner?!” he bellowed. 
“M-meatloaf, dear,” Mother answered, regaining her balance. 
He grunted and sloppily came my way. He snatched the magazine out of my hands and grabbed me by my shirt. “Clean this up,” he slurred, shoving me to the ground.  
I bit my lip from crying out in pain. Some of the plate shards stabbed mercilessly into my knees. Tears welled in my eyes, but I wiped at them quickly before he could notice. My tears would only make him angrier. 
Mother saw my anguish and knelt down to comfort me. 
“Don’t help him!” he yelled, grabbing her by her hair. 
Anger burned inside me as I saw Mother grimace in pain. “Leave her alone!” I cried, getting up and pushing him away from her. 
“Stupid boy!” he spat, slapping the glasses off my face. I stumbled and landed on my knees. I yelped in pain. 
“Please, leave him be,” Mother pleaded, still trapped in his clutches. 
“Shut up, woman!” He threw her down on the floor and proceeded to remove his belt. He twisted it in his hands before unleashing it on me. “Mind. Your. Business. Boy!” he roared with each hit. I hid my face, screaming and crying as he mercilessly assaulted me. 
“No, stop it!” Mother cried, reaching for the belt in his hands. They scuffled for a bit before the buckle swung around and impacted with Mother’s head. 
The silence was tangible. She wobbled, reaching up to touch the dent in her skull before she toppled to the floor and landed on the glass shards. There was blood everywhere.

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