Seventeenth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Tuesday!! And thank you for your prayers! My surgery went really well. I'm in pain but happy those teeth are out. Happy early Halloween!!! ? I'm so excited to see the children come by our house. That's my favorite part about Halloween. Are you going trick-or-treating? I wish I was a kid again so I could. That was another favorite of mine.

Anyways let's move on. Here's the next chapter. Hope you enjoy!


...Four Months Later... 


Time in the facility either sped up or slowed down, depending on what Dr. Herman made us do. He was proud of us, though. We mastered our abilities and completed every assignment he gave us without complaint. I became a better flyer, Samy a better tracker, Andy improved on his communication skills; he gained the ability to read past thoughts without letting the subject know what he was doing, Lola started to be able to control herself when she was in a frenzy; she became faster. We had better control of our transformation and how quickly we morphed. The fastest we had ever morphed was three seconds. Nothing could stand in our way. 
The day for our escape came when we were on the beach with Gage, Casca, and Balto. There was an electrifying buzz in the air. 
I stood up and walked to the water’s edge before I turned to my family. They all looked at me with expectant eyes. “It’s time to leave,” I said and Lola stood up and went to Balto. They spoke briefly while Samy spoke to the grizzlies. They whimpered soft goodbyes. It was hard to let them go. They were a part of our family, too. I came to them and pet their heads, “We’ll come back for you two.” Casca licked my face and Gage rubbed his head against me. My eyes watered as I embraced them. 
Lola had tears streaming down her face as she said her goodbyes, too. “Be good furballs, okay?” she sniffled, kissing them. They purred at her. 
I turned to Balto and he dropped his head to my level. I caressed his smooth skin as I whispered softly, “I can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice. No one will ever forget you, B.” He made a noise at me and nudged me with his nose. Andy came beside me and said a silent goodbye to Balto as well. Finally, B’s eyes shifted to me as he waited for my order. I closed my eyes to suppress the pain I felt and then opened them and gave him a curt nod, tears pouring down my face. 
Balto stood up and after an almost loving, last look at all of us, he charged away, thundering like a true warrior. His roars hurt our ears even when he was out of sight. 
“Let’s go!” I called and we ran on all fours to the burrow. By the time we got down there, the bats had already joined Balto in the charge. In a crevice that Herman’s cameras couldn’t see, we had packed some clothes to take with us. I passed out everyone’s bag. “Aw, crap!” I exclaimed. “How can we run with these?” 
Lola placed the bag on her back and tightened the strap across her chest. “This should help.” 
“Good thinking, Lo!” Andy patted her shoulder before we kept moving. 
We went through the pasture where the reptilian llamas used to be (they were destroyed beforehand) and found that Balto had already broken through the wall that lead to the waterfall room. 
What we saw there was utter chaos. Elana and her men were trying to fight off the creatures unsuccessfully. 
“Take them down!!” I heard her scream as she shot a bat with a rifle. The poor animal plummeted to the ground with a screech. The crash was as loud as an explosion. Balto was taking a number of hits as he swiped at the men. His roars must’ve been blowing out their eardrums. 
“Herman and Debbie are in the central tower,” Samy informed me as we jumped up on the rocks and trees. We took to the air, pumping our wings so we could reach the top and doing our best to avoid the bats. 
“I’ll go in first,” I said, pumping my wings faster and then like a bullet, I dove for the big bay windows. Time slowed down for me. 
“TYLER, NO!!!” I heard Herman yell as I made impact with the glass. Debbie morphed so quick that she was able to pull Herman out of harm’s way. The glass shimmered beautifully in every direction as I pierced it. 
The others followed me as I bolted for the door and found myself in a hallway that looked like a hospital. “Hurry!” I called as I raced on all fours again. Some doctors tried to stop us, but our snarls kept them from truly intervening. Only one was stupid enough to try and tase us. Lola was a blur as she took the taser from him and shocked him. She had a smirk on her face. There were some stairs, but instead of using them, we chose to climb on the walls. It was quicker. I broke the door down and we entered into an unexpectedly normal room. It looked like a part of someone’s house. There was a fireplace to our left and a front desk to our right. The woman there was wide eyed when she saw us. We were too fast for her to do anything as we headed for the front door. Freedom was just a couple of yards away. 
“Freedom! We did it! We’re…” Samy started to say. The outside world stopped her short. “Free,” she whispered. 
We weren’t expecting to see a world of white and snow. I mean, the white stretched on for miles. The cold was bearable when the wind wasn’t blowing in our direction. The snow reached up to our calves.

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