Ninth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Tuesday! How was your weekend? Mine was jampacked and a lot of fun. I'm so grateful to God for the Kingdom. The sleepover was so much fun, church was convicting and amazing, and then a group of us played kickball. I sucked, but I enjoyed myself. I have a friend coming over tonight. I'm so stoked. I love her a bunch. We haven't hung out in ages. I hope your Tuesday goes and is going well. 

Anyways, here's the next excerpt! I hope you're enjoying the ride. I'll see you on Thursday for another excerpt. Love you all! <3


...The Mirror Room and the Funnel...


We headed down the railing and down the steps. The mirror room was massive. There were mirrors everywhere, reflecting our images as we pressed on. Some just came out of the ground like sharp rock. It felt like we were in a cave. We tried ignoring them, but we couldn’t help but glance at ourselves.  
“This place is horrible,” Lola murmured. “Why would there just be mirrors, showing us what we’ve become?” 
“I thought you said you looked cool,” I said. 
“That doesn’t mean anything. I don’t like that we were mutated against our will.” 
“Let’s just stop talking about it,” Samy said sharply. Her voice vibrated against the thin glass.  
“What’s with the blue fog at the ceiling?” Tyler asked, tilting his head upward. He and Lola were in front of me.  
“Dunno, but it’s really strange,” I said, examining the roof myself. The blue fog was the kinda blue you see on cake, but it was fog... really freaky, huh? “I just hope we get out of here soon.” 
“This place is so strange. ... I can’t believe he sent us down here just so we could...” Lola went on before we lost sight of her.  
“Lola!” I cried, seeing that she was swirling down some kind of huge metallic funnel.  
“Andy!” she cried, clawing at the metal and trying to get a grip on it. The metal screeched against her sharp claws and she managed to actually get a hold of it, clinging on for dear life. Her tail was the closest thing to the hole. 
“I’m coming, Lola,” Tyler said, diving down and clinging to the metal better than she did.  
“Ty, I’m coming down,” I said, starting forward. 
“No,” he called back, “stay there. We’re coming back up.” He clambered down to her and grabbed her hand. “I gotcha, Lo.” As she let her hold of the metal go, her weight was difficult for him to support and they both plunged down into the funnel’s hole. As soon as they went through, the hole closed them off from us. 
“NO!!” I cried, diving down and trying to open the sealed hole. “LOLA!! TYLER!!” 
“Andy!” Samy shouted over my yelling. “We can’t do anything now. We have to keep moving.” 
“No! Help me open this!” I snarled. Rage dominated me and I became an animal. My claws scratched and desperately tried to tear through the metal. I was going at it so much that my fingers started to bleed. 
“Ananias!” she snapped, grabbing hold of me. “Stop this now!” 
“GET OFF OF ME!!” I roared, shoving her away from me.  
She bellowed at me and tackled me down, trapping me in her claws. “LISTEN TO ME!!” she shrieked. We could hear some of the mirrors splinter from the high vibrations of her voice. “We have to keep going or we’ll never see them again. We have to keep going.”  
Tears were pouring down my face as I let her words calm me. “They’re my family,” I sobbed as she slowly released me. 
“They’re my family, too,” she said softly, hugging me. I never would have known Samy could be so kind, but she understood my pain and knew that we needed each other to survive. “Come on, let’s go.” She helped me up and we did as she said: We kept going to save our family.

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