Nineteenth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

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Here's the next chapter. Enjoy!


...On the Road Again: Part One... 


I woke up and saw that the light in the fireplace had gone out and the TV was playing some random show. I had almost forgotten where I was until I saw Andy on the other side of the couch and then remembered that Tyler and Samy were on the rug. I sighed softly and then slipped off of the couch. I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I walked confidently in the dark as I headed towards the front door. I found a bathroom on the right and took my time using it. When I came out, I turned to look at the side window. What I saw nearly gave me a heart attack. 
Elana was out there with her men and they had guns with flashlights on them. They were circling the house and I saw Elana look straight at me. She smiled darkly and took out her pistol from its holster. 
She aimed her weapon at me and then mouthed, “Pow.” As soon as she spoke, she pulled the trigger.  
I was already morphing as I dodged the bullet and ran to the others. “GUYS!!! WE NEED TO GO NOW!!!” I screamed as my wings popped out of my back. They all woke up with a start. 
“Lola, what’s going on?!” Tyler asked as they started to morph from my abruptness. 
“Elana is here!!” I snarled just before the roof caved in and men came down. Before they could do a thing, I hit their throats with all my might and they flew across the glass table, colliding with the fireplace with a horrible crash. 
“Back to back now!!” Tyler ordered, snarling in his rage and punching a soldier in his nose. He joined the others in the fireplace. We spread our wings and pressed our backs together as more men came down. We tore them apart. They couldn’t separate us so it made it easier for us to fight. There wasn’t enough space for them to shoot us yet. We made that impossible. 
Brandon rushed down the stairs yelling, “What is going on?!!” When he saw us fighting, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He yelled again.  
Elana burst through the front door and aimed her gun at him. “Hi, there,” she smiled, aiming for his head. 
“NOOO!!!” I bellowed and pushed past two soldiers, running as fast as my legs could go and pushing him out of the way. Elana’s bullet hit my neck and a yowl came from me. 
“LOLA!!!” Andy screamed furiously. All the others snarled angrily. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I grabbed Brandon and covered him with my wings. Brandon was screaming. 
I heard some gunfire and quickly placed Brandon behind me so I could protect him. As I moved, a strong breeze touched my back and I heard footsteps and snarls. The fight was being taken outside. I turned to Bran and he recoiled from me in his fear. “I won’t hurt you, I promise. We have to go now,” I said quickly, grabbing him and picking him up as I headed out the door. 
“Wait, wait, WAIT!!!” he screamed as I pumped my wings and started to run. 
Samy was just kicking a man square in the chest when she saw me and followed my lead. Andy threw a guy into another and Tyler took someone’s gun and smacked em with it. They all followed me and we took off. Brandon was screaming his head off as the guys down there tried to shoot us. We were flying too fast for their bullets to get us. 
“Where are we going? The facility is back this way,” Andy said to Tyler. 
“I know that. We’ll lose them and then make a wide turn around towards the city,” he said. “Fly faster!” We forced our wings to go. Tyler was ahead of us since he was the faster flyer. 
“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!!!” Brandon screamed in his panic. 
“Brandon, we will explain when we get somewhere safe. There’s a lot to explain,” I said, trying to be soothing as I looked down at him. That didn’t help because I could hear his heart accelerate. His eyes were gleaming with fear. The smell of it was dripping off of him like sweat. 
“We should probably just explain everything to him now. Lo, do you want one of us to carry him? You’re injured. Did she get you badly?” Andy asked, coming to my side. 
“It’s okay, Andy, I got em,” I said though my neck was throbbing pretty bad. 
“Lola... Andy?” Brandon whispered as he looked at our faces. “This... this can’t be happening.” 
“I wish,” I sighed looking down at him sadly. He seemed calmer as he took in my expression. So as we flew farther away from Elana, we started to retell our story, each of us taking turns telling about different situations. 
When our story reached the present he said, “I... I am so sorry. I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like.” 
“It’s like having everything taken away from you with no remorse,” Samy said. Her eyes were steely.

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