Lola Dunhill

Happy Friday! It is my pleasure to introduce to you Ms. Lola Dunhill, another main character from The Mutates.

Lola is a 14-year old girl and Andy's younger sister. She has hazel eyes, chestnut brown hair, dimples, and coffee colored skin like her brother. She's incredibly smart. She actually skipped a grade in school and shares classes with the others. As a mutate, she is a cheetah with barn owl wings. She is the fastest runner among the four mutates. She is a ball of sunshine and exuberates youthfulness. She cares deeply about animals and nature. She is loving, patient, and always down for an adventure. 

Birthday: September 23, 1995 

Human Height: 5'4

Human Weight: 119.5 lbs. 

Mutate Height:  5'8

Mutate Weight: 132.5 lbs. 

Wingspan: roughly 6 ft.


Love Lola? Me too! To get to see her in action, keep reading my blog posts! Appreciate ya! <3

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