Jacob Tyler Reynolds

Hey, friends. Sorry again for the delay. I'd love for you to meet Tyler's dad, Jacob Tyler Reynolds.

Jacob is a human with sapphire blue eyes, graying dark brown hair, and sun-tanned skin. He also has a light mustache and beard. He starts off being emotionally unavailable to his son, but after hearing about Tyler's fight with Ricky, he opens up to him about missing his mother (we'll talk about her more later). Jacob is naturally warmhearted and funny. Like father, like son. He's a hardworking man and is devastated when his son goes missing. He'd do anything to get his son back. 

Birthday: May 5, 1969

Height: 5'11

Weight: 173 lbs.


Want to more of Jacob? Tune in for more snippets of The Mutates: The Creation!! <3

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