First Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! I hope you're doing well. Happy Thursday! I wanted to share an excerpt from my sci-fi novel, The Mutates: The Creation, with you. I've dubbed Thursday the day of excerpts. Lol. Today I'll be sharing the preface of the book called Information. I hope you enjoy. Comment below and tell me your thoughts on what you read. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback. Much love and I'll see you again on Tuesday! Xoxo ❤




          His hungry eyes scanned the document in his hands with as much enthusiasm as one holding a map, hoping to find gold where the X marked the spot. The four pictures made him smile. The figures were so innocent, so young. Lola Dunhill... Ananias Dunhill... Samantha Yales... Tyler Reynolds... The last name widened his lips further. Adrenaline swam through his body in anticipation for what was to come. With a parental tenderness, he caressed each photo. 

“Are you pleased?” his gentle assistant questioned. Her voice was tender as her green eyes watched him. 

“Ah, my dear Deborah, I am more than pleased,” he looked up at her, holding her gaze with his brown eyes. Her breath escaped her. “There hasn’t been one assignment that you have not been able to complete. I’m elated, ecstatic. As always, your work is astounding.” He came to her and gently caressed her face. 

Blood gathered in her cheeks to his touch and the angelic smile that appeared gave her a celestial glow. “Is there any other information that I can get for you?” her head subtly inclined into his palm. 

“I believe this is all the information I need, my beauty,” he smiled, leaning down to gently brush his lips against her forehead. He could’ve sworn he heard her heart pound from the simple kiss. He turned to face the six men that waited for his instruction. “I want them here by the Thursday after next. I doubt that this will be a problem, will it?” 

“No, Dr. Herman,” a woman spoke, coming through the laboratory doors with a sly grin on her ruby lips. Her ebony locks flowed behind her as she passed. Her entire outfit was black, making her seem as if she were the angel of death in human form. The men before her gave her militant salutes. “You’ll get your specimen. You worry about making sure this experiment works. It’s bad enough we have to kidnap the little brats,” a grimace formed on her angelic face for a moment. 

“Don’t think about how repulsive the little ones are, my dear,” Dr. Herman purred as he went around her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, smiling charmingly, “think about how proud of you I will be. Not to mention, I am paying you quite a large sum of money. The world is your oyster, beloved.” 

Her lips pulled up into a smile as she thought. She pivoted to her men in her slick boots and said, “You heard the doctor. He can’t start until he has his little lab rats. Time to go hunting, boys.” 

“Yes, ma’am,” the men went nearly in unison, marching in line as they followed her out. 

Deborah watched them leave before turning to the doctor. “Should I have gone with them?” Her thoughts went back to the dark woman and her lips pressed tightly together. 

Dr. Herman turned his attention to her with a loving grin. “My love, I can’t work without you. Had it not been for you, none of this would be possible. I need you to stay by my side.” He took her hand and pulled her close to him. “Together, my dear, we will change the world,” he purred, pressing her close to him before he turned to look at the information still in his hands. 

“We will change the world,” she said softly, caressing his face. “We will make it better.” Their eyes met again and he ran his fingers through her chocolate hair. As if they were one body, they turned to look at the tubes in front of them. 

“It won’t be long, my children,” he murmured over the harsh bellows and shrieks from the creatures within.

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