Eleventh Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Tuesday! How was your weekend? Mine was full. I had devo on Friday, mom's birthday on Saturday, and we went to Clarksburg Premium Outlet mall on Sunday. It was busy, busy, busy, but it was good. 

Time for another excerpt. I hope you enjoy! Xoxo <3


...Rocky Plains and Burning Sulfur... 


Ever since we lost Tyler and Lola, all I could think of was trying to find them. I know Andy was distraught from losing his sister and a friend he called his brother. I could see it every time he looked at me. I could see the sadness in his eyes and I knew he was just trying to be brave. I was trying to be strong, also. I loved them both dearly. Lola was my little sister and well, Tyler... he had a special place in my heart. I missed his cockiness and the way he tried to impress me. He was such a goofball. But he was my goofball. It was hard being away from him. Me and Andy left the mirror room and found a door at the end of the railing. 
“I’m wondering how Dr. Herman created this place,” Andy said, opening the door for me. 
“I think we’re underground actually cuz he needed a whole lot of room to make this,” I said, going through the door. “What the heck is this?”  
“It... looks like that place from The Lord of the Rings,” Andy breathed. I couldn’t really see what he was doing, but I’m pretty sure he was looking around him in wonder. There were mountains everywhere; tall ones too. This room was massive nearly three times bigger than the one with the waterfall. The roof was foggy, not like the blue fog in the mirror room. It looked like a natural fog. The mountains were sharp and rugged. There was hardly a place to land if our wings tired. Beyond these summits, there was the faintest outline of a doorway. It looked miles away, though.  
“This place is spooky,” I said, inspecting the area before us. “There’s a doorway in the distance. Do you see it?” 
Andy leaned over the rocky ledge and narrowed his eyes. “... No, I don’t see it.” 
I was shocked. I saw it as clear as day. “Dude, it’s right there,” I said, pointing a talon in the direction of the doorway. 
“Hmmm,” he went, narrowing his eyes even more. “Sorry, Samy, I don’t see it. You must have really good eyesight.” 
“Huh, I must. I wonder why you can’t see it. Let’s go. This place creeps me out,” I said before hurling myself into the air and pumping my wings. 
“Right behind you,” I heard Andy murmur and in the next moment, he was flying right beside me. 
Flying through the Rockies wasn’t all that great. It took a lot of concentration to fly through all of it without scraping against something. Andy was much better at it than me. He flew through all the jagged rocks like it was nothing. I tried following his example, but I wasn’t good at it. I got hit on the arm. 
“Ouch!” I yelped when a shard scraped me. 
“You okay?” Andy asked, flying up and turning to look at me. 
“Yeah, I just got a little scratch on me. No biggie,” I said, flying by him and showing him. It wasn’t even bleeding that much. ... It did sting a bit.  
“You should put pressure on the wound to keep it from bleeding,” he suggested, flying in a circle as I did. 
“Okay. Man, there is like no place to land here,” I commented, applying pressure to my arm. It made it sting a little more. I clenched my teeth together and suppressed a hiss. 
“Yeah, I know. Sorry your wound hurts. Shall we keep going?” 
“Yeah, come on.” As we continued, I felt like something was among the rocks and preying on us. I grabbed hold of Andy and made him face me in midflight. “Something’s watching us,” I told him before I let him go. 
“Hmmm,” he went, looking around him. He looked at my eyes saying, “Do you see anything?” 
I shook my head and searched around. I didn’t see much, but I could sense some kind of thing was near us. Out of impulse, I let out a snarl. It echoed among the mountains for the longest time.

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