Eighteenth Excerpt of The Mutates: The Creation

Hello, beautiful people, it's Peytona! Happy Excerpt Thursday!! How are you? I'm in bad shape from the surgery. The pain meds are helping though. I can't wait to make a full recovery. 

Here's the next chapter. I hope you're enjoying the bits I've been sharing. Love you all. 


...Vengeance Is Mine... 


My love and I were in the central tower, observing our dear children from the security cameras. They were all so beautiful. I was proud to have them with us. Randall couldn’t stop smiling whenever he saw them. Neither could I. They were a dream come true. Our goal was just within our grasp. 
I took his hand in mine and smiled at him just as his beautiful brown eyes drifted over to me. “We will change the world,” I purred to him. 
He grinned at me with his eyes shining lovingly. “We will make it better,” he said, squeezing my hand and then turning his attention back to the monitors. It wasn’t long after that that we heard the crash. “What in the name of...?!” he trailed off, standing to his feet and peering out of the bay windows. I was just as astonished as he was when I saw what lied before us. 
The bats and Experiment #23 had broken down the wall separating the forest and the waterfall. They started to destroy everything. Experiment #23 bellowed and his sound nearly ruined our ears. Elana came out from the tower with her men as soon as they heard the noise and a battle ensued. 
“NO!!!” Randall screamed in agony, tears threatening to run down his face. “STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!” He was yelling at his creations and how defiant they were. Each bat that plunged to the ground caused a groan to come from him. It pained him beyond words to see this kind of violence. He could hardly bare when the children killed two of them. He put on a strong face and soldiered on, but he was devastated. And now, he placed a hand on his trembling heart and tried to understand what was going on. 
Suddenly, we saw our children enter through the broken wall. They climbed on the rocks and the trees and took to the air. They were such graceful little angels. They were dancing in their flight as they dodged the bats. I was surprised and happy that the bats didn’t attack them. 
“I’ll go in first,” I heard Tyler say and he flew up quickly and turned his body to us. The resolve in his eyes made me turn cold. 
“TYLER, NO!!!” Randall yelled, his voice cracking in his pain. I morphed blindly as I leapt for him and moved him out of the way of the shattering glass. Tyler landed in the room and never turned to look at us as he bashed the door down with his shoulder and raced away. 
Samy, Andy, and Lola landed and the latter was the only one that gave us a passing glance. There was no sympathy or love in her eyes as I would’ve hoped. Only a wall of indifference blocked her thoughts from me. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched them disappear. 
Randall and I stayed in each other’s arms until the gunfire and the noise ceased. My poor darling was sobbing as I held him. I cradled him in my wings, kissing his head. 
“How could they do this to me?” he cried. He angrily got away from me and screamed out into the room, “HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME???” He turned to me and his eyes burned in his fury. 
“Doctor, they’ve left the building,” Elana came through the broken door, crushing shards of glass with her boots. 
Randall made a pained noise in his throat and he came to me, wanting my touch. I held him tightly. “They betrayed me. Why would they do this to me? I’ve always loved them,” he whimpered into my shoulder. 
I turned to Elana and glared at her for being so insensitive. “Go find them, Elana,” I ordered before turning my attention to my dear. 
“Excuse me, but I don’t take orders from you, mutate,” she sneered. She looked like she wanted to start a fight. My blood boiled. 
“Elana, please,” Randall begged, looking at her. He moved away from me and wiped his tears. “I want you to find them,” he began, his voice darkening in his hurt, “and I want them at least alive and intact. The rest I leave up to you.” 
She smiled sinisterly and said, “As you wish,” before leaving the room.

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