Ananias "Andy" Dunhill

Happy Friday! Let me introduce you to another main character, Ananias "Andy" Dunhill.

Andy is a 15-year old with chocolate hazel eyes and chestnut colored hair cut in an emo style. He has dimples and coffee colored skin. As a mutate, he is a snow leopard with gray hawk wings. At such a young age, he is full of wisdom. He is an old soul and is very spiritual. He loves reading his Bible, looking after his younger sister, watching a good sci-fi, and hanging out with his best friend, Tyler. 

Birthday: May 4, 1994 

Human Height: 5'8 

Human Weight: 135 lbs. 

Mutate Height: 6'0 

Mutate Weight: 148 lbs. 

Wingspan: roughly 7 ft.


If you'd like to hear more about Andy, look out for more blog posts on The Mutates: The Creation. Much love! <3

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