7 Ways to Inspire Yourself to Write Music

Hey, friend! This blog post is kind of like a companion post to my previous one about getting unstuck when it comes to songwriting. I'm going to talk about 7 ways you can inspire yourself to write songs and/or music. Ready? Let's do it!


1. Remove clutter from your workspace - Research states decluttering improves focus, increases productivity, and helps the brain process information better. I'm preaching to myself and to you. Straighten up a bit and you'll be surprised with how much easier it is to think.

2. Take a walk - When I'm out in nature or out in the world, I find inspiration to write music. God's creation is so moving. Don't feel like you have to stay in the four walls of your house in order to write music. Enjoy the world around you and see what God plants in your heart.

3. Meditation - I talked about this in the songwriting blog post. Seriously, it works. I encourage you to listen to some alpha wave music while you meditate and allow your subconscious to speak to you. You'll be surprised by what your brain conjures up.

4. Take a nap - When you're getting enough rest, it's easier for your brain to think. Make sure you're practicing self-care and take a nap if necessary. Your brain and your body will thank you. And it will give you the bandwidth to think creatively.

5. Listen to music in your genre - DISCLAIMER: As I said before in the songwriting blog post, I am NOT encouraging you to steal someone's art. It's not cool, but let what others have done inspire you.

6. Research - Look up what other successful musicians in your genre have done to get inspired. Follow their lead. No need to reinvent the wheel.

7. Doodle - Basically, just write and play whatever. Try different chord progressions. See what comes up. You might find a secret chord. (Comment below if you get that reference. Lol.)


What suggestion stood out to you? Which one can you try when you lack inspiration? Comment below!


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