How to Warm Up Your Voice in 5 Minutes or Less

Hey, friend! Warming up is such an important aspect to singing. It could be damaging to your voice if you don't do it. Here are some easy ways you can warm up in five minutes or less. Let's get into it.

1. Jump around and get your heart racing - No lie. This is a great way to warm up and wake up your voice. Your vocal chords are a muscle. When you get the heart racing and blood pumping, it helps loosen up your vocal muscles. 

2. Drink some tea or a warm beverage - The warmth from the tea or hot beverage helps loosen your vocal muscles as well. (Pro Tip: While working out your voice, drink room temperature water. Helps keep the muscles loose and limber.) 

3. Lip trills - Basically, lip trills help with breath control and are easier on your vocal muscles than just singing ooohs or aaaahs. You can go up and down a scale or just make a joyful trill, going as high as you can and then as low as you can. 

What technique have you found helpful when it comes to warming your voice? Comment below!


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